Ask This When Shopping for the Best Deals on Gymnastics Equipment

Gymnastics are a great way to get and stay in shape, but it takes more than one class a week to get the most benefit from it. Whether it is you starting gymnastics class or your little princess, you are probably aware that you will need to practice at home in between classes. If you are looking for ways to purchase your own gymnastics equipment without spending a ton of money, know that it is possible. With some planning and shopping around, you can find the equipment you need at a price you can afford. Read on for some common questions people ask about purchasing gymnastics equipment, some information on a few deals, and some tips on what you should learn before making a purchase.

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Where can I find clearance or deeply discounted gymnastics equipment?

Sometimes paying full price is simply out of the question. Fortunately, these three companies have you covered: AK Athletics has a clearance section to shop from, EZ Flex Mats offers factory specials, and Zebra Athletics has an outlet section with affordable options.

Where can I find wall padding at a good price?

Typically, wall pads can cost anywhere from $59 per section up to $200 or more. At this time, AK Athletics has some on clearance starting at $39 up to $70. Zebra Athletics also carries wall padding that starts around $59 depending on the height and color you are looking to purchase.

Can I put my equipment on some type of layaway plan?

Zebra Athletic offers another payment option. They will not ship your product until it is paid in full, but you can place your order and pay a deposit to get production going. For exact terms and conditions, contact Zebra Athletics.

How much do folding mats usually run?

AK Athletics carries mats starting as low as $179. They have different colors and styles and give you the option of monogramming. EZ Flex is currently running a sale for 10% landing mat systems, and they offer financing options. Zebra Athletics has mats starting at $134. The prices can be higher depending on your particular needs.

What do landing mats typically cost?

AK Athletics has folding mats starting as low as $169. These also have the monogramming option. Additionally, you can often find bundles for folding mats and balance beams or other equipment. Some folding mats and landing mats are the same basic equipment so you can use one for more than one purpose. EZ Flex offers mats starting at $99 depending on the thickness you are looking for.

How much do incline mats cost?

Incline mats are available at different inclines so this will depend on how much of an incline you are looking for. AK Athletics carry them starting at $269. 

Can I finance my purchase?

EZ Flex offers financing options through Full Circle Financing with flexible payment options. Zebra Athletics also offers to finance your purchase allowing you to make low monthly payments that can be spread out up to 60 months.

How much will I spend on leotards?

There are multiple styles and brands of leotards available including short sleeved, long sleeved, shorts, and more. Prices vary almost as much as styles but you can expect to spend anywhere from $6 per leotard to $40 per leotard.

What do balance beams usually cost?

Balance beams can usually be found at AK Athletics in a bundle with a landing mat. These bundles typically run between $300 and $400.

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