Ask This When Shopping for Sunglasses

Sunglasses are much more than a fashion statement. As we have become more aware of the damage the sun's rays can do to people's eyes, more people are wearing them out of necessity. People who work outdoors, or who are outdoors most of the time, will want the best sunglasses available. Casual users may be more concerned with style and appearance, but more and more they too are wanting higher quality protection for their eyes. The best sunglasses have polarizing lenses that break up the harmful UVA rays. Some of the best ones out there include ATTCL Polarized Driving Sunglasses, Mira Breeze R Polarized Sports Glasses, and Ray-Ban RB4075 Sunglasses. All of these are at the top end of the spectrum and will give you great protection while looking good.

Why should a person wear sunglasses?

Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays. Over time the sun's rays can cause cataracts, clouding in the eyes and in some cases blurred vision. Nearly half of Americans get cataracts by age 75, and the biggest culprit is the light of the sun.

Why is the ATTCL Polarized Driving Sunglasses a good choice?

They are very light and durable and will last a very long time. They are made from high quality metal alloy and have high quality morrored polarized lenses. These are great for the outdoors. They are called driving glasses and are also great for hiking or biking. These high-quality glasses are available on Amazon for $22.

Why is the Mira Breeze brand a good deal?

The Mira Breeze Polarized Sunglasses are called Sports glasses because they are made of tough TR90 frame. It is impact resistant and scratch proof. The polarization cuts down on glare which is great for sports type activities. They have a rubber nose clip so there is no slipping. They offer UV400 protection. These sunglasses are available on Amazon for $25, and Amazon has free shipping for spending $25. They are of unisex design for men and women.

What makes the Ray-Ban RB4075 a good choice?

These are very light-weight glasses that can be used for sports but are also good for casual use. The glasses have scratch-resistant lenses and are known for their durability. These are very versatile glasses, great for walking around or on a bike ride through the mountains. These sunglasses are at the higher end on price, going for $162, but they have a lifetime warranty.

Why is the Ray-Ban RB4075 more expensive than others?

These sunglasses are prescription-ready, meaning they can be modified with your prescription. These can easily become prescription glasses. The shape and curvature of the lenses can also be adjusted, and that should be done by a professional if you are making them into prescription glasses.

What is the most dangerous thing the sun can do to your eyes?

Intraocular or uveal melanoma is a type of eye cancer that can develop from repeated exposure to the sun. This is especially true for people with light colored eyes. There can be dark spots on the Iris, blurred vision and seeing streaks of light. This is a rare thing but it does happen.

What is a surprising reason to wear sunglasses?

Being in the snow on a clear day, like skiing, can expose your eyes to even more damaging light than the sun itself. Snow reflects a lot of UV rays, so when out in the snow you are getting almost double the UV rays the sun causes. In some cases, you can develop snow blindness when the sun damages the cornea.

Do sunglasses help or hinder vision?

If you are wearing polarizing sunglasses, you will see more because glare is eliminated. When looking out to the horizon you will see more detail. Sunglasses can also help vision in light rain when driving.

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