Shopping for RVs and Motorhomes

Are you ready to hit the road this year in your own recreational vehicle or motorhome? The options out there are endless. How do you choose which is right for you? It's always important to know what you need your RV to do for you before signing on the dotted line. In some states, that’s especially true as they do not allow for a purchase grace period on RVs. Start your search with three of the top-rated RVs for 2018 and discover what each one can do. These great choices include the Unity Leisure Van, the Keystone Montana, and the Grand Design Reflection travel trailer. So, let's start you off by finding the answers to your most pressing questions.

Which one will fit the whole family?

Even the Unity Leisure Van can sleep up to 4, but if you are hosting a big getaway the Montana or the Reflection have floor plans available that include a queen master bedroom and a rear bunkroom. When you fold down the dining table and fold out the sofa, you can sleep up to 10 in some bunkhouse models. However, before inviting a boatload of adults, do a double take on the size of some of the beds.

Does it need to be towed or is it a motorhome?

The Unity is a self-contained Class B motorhome powered by a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van. The Montana is a fifth-wheel trailer and the Reflection is a travel trailer using a traditional ball hitch.

What kind of truck is needed to tow it?

When towing any kind of trailer longer than 16-feet, it is wise to invest in a heavy-duty pickup. Check the weight rating of the trailer and compare it to the rating on your tow vehicle to make sure it has the muscle needed to pull your vacation home on wheels. Even full-sized SUVs will struggle to pull a trailer heavier than 7,000 pounds.

Will one work as my summer camping cabin?

If you have a camping spot at a seasonal campground, both the Montana and Reflection will do an admirable job of supplying all your family's needs for an extended stay. On board power inverters, cable connections, and functional plumbing offer all the comforts of home in a smaller footprint. Air conditioning and heat helps you enjoy your time by the lake.

Does it have a full private bath?

Even the Leisure Van offers an enclosed stand-up shower with toilet and vanity protected from view by a curtain. It is possible to have a full enclosed bath with even a half-tub in the Montana and Reflection. Smaller units of 30-feet will simply have the standup shower, but those over 40-feet offer a residential feel for the bathroom. They may even have a half-bath for guests.

Are the cabinets high quality?

These top rated RVs are recommended because they have higher quality construction compared to entry-level units. The Reflection and Montana has plywood cabinets covered by veneer. The Leisure Vans feature solid wood construction with contemporary finishes. All are designed to withstand the rigors of life on the road.

Does it have an onboard generator?

If you dry-camp, you likely will need a generator. All three RVs are designed to have an onboard generator in their basements, but it is usually an additional upgrade negotiated at the time of purchase. Your generator will keep the lights running and even the air conditioning working while you are parked away from civilization.

How much will it cost to get into my dream RV?

The Unity Leisure Van starts with an MSRP of $125,060. The Reflection starts at an MSRP of $52,379, and the Keystone Montana is typically found listed at $97,549 for a 38-foot unit. Like cars, shopping for the right price will depend largely on dealer inventory. Show models are often available for up to 30% off MSRP and deep discounts are offered during RV shows.

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