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While there is nothing more enjoyable than owning a swimming pool, there certainly are some downsides. For starters, swimming pools require plenty of attention, love, and care in order to stay in working order. Additionally, pool supplies need to be purchased at least semi-regularly in order to keep the swimming pool looking good and safe to swim in. Fortunately, there are a couple of amazing online retailers that provide affordable swimming supplies for every possible situation. Before pool-owners start shopping, however, they owe it to themselves to ask a couple of important questions first. Keep on reading in order to learn about eight key questions that all swimming pool owners should ask.

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What kind of swimming pool supplies will I need the most?

Depending on the type of swimming pool that someone has, their needs are going to change considerably. With that being said, no matter what kind of pool someone is working with, they are going to need pool chemicals. At Pool Supply World, shoppers can find a complete Natural Chemistry PHOSfree 3L Phosphate Remover kit for just $43.99.

How can I make sure that my pool looks clean and clear to swim in?

There is nothing more satisfying than a crystal clear swimming pool on a hot summer day. Pool Supply World can help make that clear pool happen with their Natural Chemistry Clear and Perfect 32 OZ pool chemicals. For just $14.99 per bottle, shoppers can keep their pool looking perfect.

I've seen pools with solar blankets before, what do they do?

Solar blankets provide a couple of different utilities for a swimming pool. First off, a solar blanket will help to warm up a swimming pool by storing energy from the sun. Water temperature can rise by as much as 15 degrees thanks to these solar blankets. Second, solar blankets keep pools clean by preventing debris from building up.

Where can I find the best solar blanket?

Solar blankets come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the type of swimming pool that a person owns. At In The Swim, the Premium 12 Mil Blue Solar Blanket 15 x 30ft is only $109.99. There are a variety of other solar blanket sizes and shapes available, too.

Are there any convenient chemical start-up kits?

Swimming pools have a variety of different needs, so it can be hard to shop for everything at once. Thankfully, Doheny's has a chemical-based Doheny's Pool Start-up Kit for 10,000 gallons for just $22.99. This start-up kit will have every chemical required in order to PH Balance, clarify, and chemically balance an entire swimming pool.

What's the best way to keep my swimming pool clean?

The simplest way to keep a swimming pool clean is by purchasing a giant pool broom and frequently sweeping the pool. The easiest way to keep a swimming pool clean is by purchasing the Dohney's Jet Drive AG Powered by Aquabot for $309.99. This powered robot is an automated pool cleaner. Just set the machine inside of the pool and let it do its job.

How can I get more use out of my pool?

For people who live in colder environments, it can be a pain to put the pool away when Fall rolls around. Fortunately, Pool Supply World sells outdoor pool heaters for pools of all sizes. The Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series Natural Gas Heater only costs $1,999.99 and it can provide extra weeks of swimming fun. Have the pool heater professionally installed and enjoy the warmth of the swimming pool!

I need an above-ground swimming pump, what are my options?

At In The Swim, there are a variety of different above-ground swimming pool pump options available. The most affordable option is the Aqua Splash Above Ground Pool Pump for just $129.99.

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