Shopping for Outdoor Sheds

Do you need some extra room to store the lawnmower, bicycles, and sports equipment? You might be looking for a new storage shed. You don't have to hire a professional to get a quality storage shed. Premade sheds are shipped in flat packs and are ready to be put together in just a couple hours. To find the one that best fits your budget and backyard, start your search for these affordable sheds with the top 3 available on the market right now. The Suncast BMS7790 Cascade, Arrow Vinyl Dallas Low Gable Steel Storage Shed, and the Gino Development, Inc. ATV Shelter all are rugged and versatile options ready to keep the sun and rain off your tools and equipment.

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How big are these sheds?

The Suncast measures 7-foot by 7-foot and feature windows and a functional vent to help reduce heat and humidity inside. The Arrow Steel shed is the largest at 10-foot by 12-foot, which offers a lot of extra room for your lawn tractor and accessories. The Gino ATV shelter measure 10-foot by 10-foot.

Do they need to be installed on a foundation?

Both the Suncast and the Arrow sheds recommend that they are installed on a properly prepared foundation. They each come with reinforced floors, but if located over uneven ground, the floors will fail much sooner. The Gino does not come with a floor and can be placed anywhere without preparing the ground.

What kind of tools are needed to put them together?

All three sheds come with all the hardware needed to assemble them. You will need a couple screwdrivers, a friend to help you hold the panels in place, and some time. Most owners say it takes two to four hours to put a premade shed together.

What are the sheds made of? Wood? Steel?

The Suncast is made from UV protected resin, a hard plastic, but is built using standard metal screws and fasteners. The roof is reinforced with metal. It is engineered to withstand freezing temperatures and sunshine. The Arrow is constructed out of steel panels with pre-drilled holes for easy assembly. The Gino is made of a steel-rod frame covered by a heavy laminated tarpaulin.

How much am I going to spend on a pre-made shed?

The Gino ATV shed is priced at $247 on Amazon but can be found for $199 at TruePower tools. It can be zipped closed but can’t be locked. The Suncast is priced at $799. The company offers smaller and larger versions. Finally, the Arrow is priced at $823 but you will have to spend an extra $125 for the floor kit. Both the Suncast and Arrow have doors that can be padlocked closed.

Can hooks and shelves be mounted in these sheds?

Suncast sells compatible wall-mounted tool hooks and shelves that snap into its pre-formed walls. Each additional rack costs from $19 to $49. You can mount your own racks and shelves in the Arrow, but you will be drilling through the steel walls which can lead to leaks. The Gino does not support any kind of shelving unless it stands alone.

Are they portable? Can I take it with me when I move?

The Arrow steel shed is not intended to be taken apart again. It is possible to disassemble the Suncast and the Gino is fully intended to be folded up and stowed away when you no longer need it.

Are the sheds weatherproof? Will they last through the winter?

Both the Arrow and the Suncast sheds feature sloped metal-reinforced roofs that are water and sun resistant. They will stand up to typical winter weather without a problem. If your area typically has snowfalls of over two-feet, you may need to clear the roof to protect the shed. The Gino is susceptible to ice and snow causing the tarp to sag where damage can occur.

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