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Grooming is an important part of any daily routine and finding great products can be difficult for men. There are literally thousands of different products out there and knowing what types work for you is one of the best ways to find products that work for you. There are tons of different products out there and one of the best ways to find what works for you is to approach each type of product in a categorical manner so that you can find the best product that fits each different grooming need that you may have. Knowing where to begin is one of the best ways to go about finding grooming products that are going to work all around.

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How can I save money on razors and shavers?

Razors and shavers are the first and most common grooming tool that most people think of when they think of male grooming. Shavers and razors can be incredibly pricey, especially if you go for a good reusable razor or more expensive disposable options. However, searching for quality razors and shavers that will last you a long time is going to save you more money in the long run, as you won't have to replace them as often.

Should I join a shave club?

When it comes to disposable razors, joining a service like the Dollar Shave Club, starting at just $4 per month may be a great way to save some money. Purchase a starting kit for as low as $5, which will give you a handle, razor refills and some shave butter. This is going to get you enough razors to last the month without breaking the bank. Get a closer shave with the six-blade Executive model for just $9 per month. 

What if I don't need a shipment of razors every month?

If you don't need to shave that often, worry not, With any subscription whether it be Dollar Shave Club or even Amazon's Subscribe and Save option, you can always pause shipments for a month. Sometimes you can set your razors to ship every other month for your conveneince.

What's a great reusable shaver?

As far as a reusable shavers, Norelco offers a great groomer in the Phillips Norelco Multigroom 3000 that functions as a trimmer and a shaver and is only $13.99 on Amazon. This is ideal for men who like to play around with different facial hair styles.

Where can I get a great deal on face washes and scrubs?

Other important grooming items are face wash and beard washes. This is a topic that many men may not think about and most tend to simply wash their faces in the shower with whatever soap they happen to be using. Hanley is a great brand for those looking for an all-around skincare regime. You can get a full set of the wash, moisturizer, and exfoliating scrub for $25 which is a great deal for so many products. You can also get Dove Face wash for men for $5.99 if you want something a bit simpler.

Are there any inexpensive beard washes to look for?

As far as beard wash goes, Just for Men offers a great beard wash that helps to remove food and build up quickly and easily and it is only $6.99 which is very affordable. It also keeps your beard soft, so there's no itch.

What hair products are available?

The last grooming item you may want to consider is hair gel, waxes, and pomades that help to polish off your look and bring everything together. Axe makes a fantastic range of hair care products from gel to pomade that are all under $10 for each product. Pomade goes for $5.99, gel for $7.99 and wax for $5.99. you can also buy different scents and finishes to get the customized look and feel that you want. You can also get great products from Dove for less than $10 as well. You can also check out your local barber shop for any deals they may be having on hair car supplies.

What's the difference between pomade and wax?

The main difference between these two hair products is hold strength. If you are looking for a loosely styled part, a good hair wax can help you achieve that look and it won't feel heavy. Pomade, on the other hand, is ideal for slicked back styles. It's a little heavier and provides a greasier look. It's hold is also a lot stronger.

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