Ask This When Shopping for Lipstick

Lipstick is a great finishing touch and can complete any makeup look. It can also give you confidence, help to change your look, or help to condition your lips while giving them beautiful color. Lipstick has come a long way in the past few decades and there are now lipsticks that are great for staying put all day, for conditioning your lips, and for just about anything else you can imagine. There are lipsticks in nearly every finish, color, and undertone you can imagine and finding a lipstick that works for you is easier than you might imagine. Knowing what questions to ask when picking out your lipstick can make a huge difference in your overall selection process and in what lipstick you ultimately choose.

Are there matte drugstore options?

Matte is a huge new trend that is super popular and features super matte lips that last all day. What used to be a high end makeup trend is now available at the drug store for users that are truly looking for a great matte lip. Maybelline offers some great matte colors in their super stay formula for only $7.99 each.

Are there pigmented bullet style lipsticks?

NARS has long been known to be a great high end brand that offers some truly wonderful options when it comes to nearly every type of makeup. They offer some highly pigmented bullet style lipsticks that are beautiful and that have great colors like very vibrant pinks for only $34.00 per tube.

Are there new lipstick types that are not super common that don't cost a ton?

There are some great options like Cover Girl outlast lipstick that is a color with a moisturizing top coat that keeps the color in place all day and keep it comfortable as well. This is a great option for those that want an all day color but that might not like a liquid lipstick. These are only $9.99 each and have tons of great colors.

Are there moisturizing bullet style lipsticks?

There are tons of great bullet style lipsticks that are moisturizing like the Cover Girl lip perfection lipstick that offers stunning that are beautiful and that are also great for the lips and great for giving you beautiful color as well as great moisture.

Are there unique colors in liquid lipstick that are still wearable?

There are tons of great brands out there and Kat Von D is wonderful if you are looking for unique colors that are still wearable and still beautiful. Though these colors are unique and different, they are still very wearable like her liquid lipstick shade Bow and Arrow that is a muted grey pink and you can buy for only $20 per tube.

Are there lipsticks that adjust to your tone?

There are tons of great brands out there and the Lancome color design lipstick is a beautiful option that allow you to customize our color and that does adjust to your undertone to help give you a great look that is unique and perfect for your particular tone for $25 each.

Are there balms that have color?

There are some great brands that do offer beautiful balms that do have some great color. The Rimmel Lasting finish color rush balm is a great option that does have some sheen and color but that is also lightweight and moisturizing like a balm. This item is only $4.99 per tube.

Are there fun lipsticks that are matte?

Almay has a great matter lipstick that has fun packaging and fun colors and those are the Almay lip vibes lipstick. These are only $7.99 each and are great if you are looking for a lipstick that is going to give you fun colors and look great all around.

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