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    Ask This When Shopping for Cheap Hotel Deals

    Cheap hotel deals are easy to find once you know how to do the legwork. Whether staying in a bed and breakfast, basic hotel, or a luxury hotel, there are ways to enjoy your stay without breaking your budget. There are many different strategies that can help travelers score cheap hotel deals. Regardless of the time of year or destination, travelers can find hotel deals that will work within their limited budgets without sacrificing quality. The top three travel sites that offer cheap hotel rooms include Orbitz, Travelocity, and Expedia. Ask the following questions to find out how to score cheap hotel deals.

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    Does the hotel offer discounts for memberships?

    Hotels often offer special price breaks for those who have AAA or AARP subscriptions. Travelers in certain professions, such as educators or those who work for nonprofits, may also be able to score discounts or upgrades.

    Are there special military discounts available?

    Many individually operated hotels and hotel chains have established discounts for military personnel. These can range from 10 percent to 25 percent, depending on the hotel offering the discount.

    Can you stay midweek versus on a weekend?

    There may be a way to score cheap hotel deals by staying during the week rather than on a weekend. However, this depends on the city. More popular cities are busier during the week and empty out on the weekends, so hotel rates are actually cheaper from Fridays through Sundays.

    Can you get a better deal through a hotel’s website?

    It’s important to check through the hotel’s website for their most current online deals before heading to a third-party travel site. While you might end up booking through the third-party site, it’s a good idea to at least take a look to see if you can get a better price from the hotel itself.

    Can you book a package deal?

    If you need to book a flight or rental car, it might be beneficial to try and find a package deal through a third-party travel website. These sites offer big discounts - especially on hotel rooms - when travelers book flights in combination with lodging.

    Can you choose a nearby destination?

    Cheap hotel rooms are often available close by more popular destinations at much more affordable prices. For example, travelers may find cheaper hotel rooms in Jersey City versus midtown Manhattan, and have to make a short train ride into the city. The savings tend to be significant.

    Can you check in at the end of the day?

    If you can, check in as close to the cut off as possible to get a better deal. By this time of the day, hotels have a better sense of occupancy. They may agree to a politely-negotiated upgrade or discount.

    Are there off-season rates?

    Are there off-season rates? One of the easiest ways to score cheap hotel deals is to stay during the off-season. What qualifies as “off-season” will depend on the final destination. For example, summer is the lighter travel season in the Caribbean, while Europe has less tourism in the winter.