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    Ask This When Shopping for a Free iPhone 7

    Getting a free iPhone 7 may be worth the time and effort for those willing to turn in their current Apple or Android mobile devices. Many major cell phone companies and resale sites are offering significant deals on the new iPhone 7, which can result in free phones for savvy shoppers when they trade in their current smartphones. Customers can take advantage of different levels of credits for trade-in phones; for example, Androids are worth $100 to $300 trade-in value, while iPhone 5 and 6 models get up to $650. These credits are paid out over two years, resulting in a new iPhone 7 for many customers. However, customers will need to stay loyal to their carriers to get the most out of these promotions. The top three places to shop for a free iPhone 7 include T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless. Here are eight questions to ask to get a free iPhone 7.

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    Do I have to commit to a contract to get a free iPhone 7?
    The credits offered for trade-in phones are paid out over the course of two years. This is equivalent to a two-year contract in order for customers to see the promotion pay off. If service is canceled before the two years are up, customers will need to pay the remaining balance on the phone.
    How much per month will it cost to get an iPhone 7?
    The exact monthly cost of a two-year contract depends on the carrier chosen and their terms. However, the average amount that customers pay on a monthly basis ranges from $30 to $40 for a two-year contract. 
    What is the fine print on the contract?
    Each carrier or resale site offers slightly different promotions. It is important for consumers to be aware of these differences in the fine print before committing to any specific cell phone contract.
    Do I have any time left on my current iPhone contract?
    For customers who bought an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus last year may still have time left on the contract they signed for those phones.
    Will I have to pay a termination fee on any current contracts?
    If there‚Äôs time left on a contract for the purchase of an iPhone 6S or older, customers may need to pay termination fees in order to get out of those contracts. 
    Is there a grace period before I hand in the older phone?
    There are some resale sites, like NextWorth and Gazelle, that allow customers to wait 30 days between signing a contract and handing over the old phone. Those who decide not to commit to the new iPhone can turn it back in and keep their old phones.
    What companies are offering a free iPhone 7?
    There are four major cell phone companies that offer special deals on the new iPhone 7: Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint. Customers of these carriers might want to check first with their current phone providers before making a switch. 
    Does it make sense to switch carriers to get a free iPhone 7?
    It can be quite complicated for users to figure out whether or not they should switch phone carriers to take advantage of free iPhone promotions. Pricing can vary greatly between carriers, depending on whether or the phone is leased, bought up front, or paid for through a contract. Customers also need to figure out whether or not the plans they would choose with different phone carriers would fit their needs.