Sell My Home: Options for Selling Your Home Fast

When it comes to selling a home, it is often the faster the better! Selling your home can can feel like an overwhelming task; if you need to get it done fast, the challenge can seem even more intimidating. You need to know what steps to take to help move your house as quickly as possible and which ones are destined to disappoint. You will need to fix up any glaring problems. But after you paint, patch, and clean, how do you get the house to sell as quickly as possible? Ask the following questions when preparing your home to sell as fast as possible without sacrificing value, time, or money.

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Will a realtor help to speed up the process?

A realtor understands the local market, has the tools to get your listing up fast and the connections to make an Open House a success. Homeowners that hire a realtor sell their house faster and for a better price than folks who do it themselves.

Is listing the house yourself the right idea?

While the internet provides plenty of options for listing your home by yourself, it still takes effort to reap the rewards. You would need to hire a professional for the photo shoot. You will need to update listings, promote the Open House, be available for tours, and handle all of the legalities on your own. It might take longer to learn how to do it all than to hire a pro to help you out.

Does staging really matter?

When shoppers see a dining room set up as an office, they will hesitate to put in an offer because there is no dining room. Your home will sell faster when each space has the furniture needed to give it a clear purpose without frills or extra knickknacks.

The neighbor's yard needs some help. Is that a problem?

Curb appeal is everything! Even if you fixed up your front yard by chopping back the hedges and trimming the trees, a shaggy next door yard can slow down a buyer's interest. It is worth offering to have a landscaper clean up the neighbor's yard to speed up your sale. 

Is there a best time of year to put the house on the market?

Springtime is the best time to list your house for a fast and well-priced sale. Shoppers are eager to get out and about after the long winter. Your yard and home look their best under the soft greens of spring colors. Winter is the slowest period of the year as snow and ice can make the house appear high-maintenance and create a challenge for moving in.

Should you set the price high or low?

This is where spending your time researching the current market or hiring a professional will help. In a high-demand market, you can create a bidding war with a low entry list price. If your home is well-staged and in excellent condition, you can list high in an active market and perhaps get your price. However, your home will move fastest when it is priced to match the comparables in your neighborhood.

Are those companies that buy ugly houses a good option?

There is no doubt that the companies that advertise they will pay cash for your house as-is/right now are a speedy choice. However, be aware that they typically offer 30% below the average sale price of a home in the same condition as yours. It is fast. It may not be the right choice for your finances.

How decluttered should the house be?

Your home will sell faster if you remove almost all of your personal belongings and leave only a few vases, artwork, and functional decorative items to give the space warmth. Your collection of china animals, baseballs, or vintage signs distract from the property and can make the buyers see the house as old and requiring work.

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