Secure Cloud Computing for Businesses

Like with everything else, there are trade-offs when it comes to being able to use cloud storage. Businesses that use cloud computing services can save money on staffing and infrastructure costs, but they must trust their most vital data with third-party companies - this makes cloud security highly important. Especially with businesses, keeping data secure is crucial for protecting both the business and its customers. With all the options out there, it is possible to find cloud storage which offers enough storage and bandwidth while keeping prices reasonable. The top three most secure cloud computing services for businesses are Dropbox, Google Drive and Mega, and all offer customers an option to try them for free. Read on to learn more.

How much cloud storage do these companies offer for free?
Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage options but only offers up to 2GB worth of storage for free. Google Drive offers 15GB of cloud storage for free, while Mega lives up to its name and offers the first 50 GB of cloud storage for free.
Which of these cloud computing options is best for a business with numerous large files?
Google Drive not only has a large amount of storage to make it convenient for photo storage, but it can be synchronized with the Google Photos app. Mega is good for storing photos because of the large amount of space available.
Is there another way to get free cloud computing services?
Dropbox offers its customers up to 16GB of cloud storage if they link their Dropbox service to social media and refer friends to the service. This may not be enough for all businesses, but it is significantly more than the initial offering.
Are any of these cloud services integrated with mobile devices?
Google Drive is already integrated with Android devices, making the service more convenient and accessible to anyone who uses an Android device.
Which of these services offers data recovery options for lost information?
Dropbox offers data recovery from the past 120 days, with help desk support in case there are problems retrieving it. Google Drive has a process by which users can retrieve data that was deleted permanently within the last 25 days, although there are several limitations. Mega also offers some deleted file recovery options.
Which of these cloud storage options has the best user interface?
It can be difficult to work with a system where the interface is confusing and nonintuitive. Mega's interface is a simple drop and drag menu, making it easy to use for both novices and experts. Dropbox has a system which is a little more complicated, but it is clear and easy to use. Google Drive's interface is not as easy to use, but there is a downloadable app which makes it simpler.
Which of these options offers extra features for businesses?
Dropbox also offers extra features for business customers like collaboration. Users can manage permissions and allow certain users access to individual files and folders. They can also see who has viewed or commented on specific files. Google users also have access to the office suite, which is call the G Suite.
Are all of these options secure enough to trust with business data?
All of these options are secure. Dropbox encrypts all data in transit, using layers of security between sending and receiving servers. Google Drive lets its customers know that the data is stored in secure data centers, and then encrypted when sent from one location to another. Mega has a high focus on security, and has released the source code so that users can feel confident that their data is secure.

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