Ask This When Searching the Best Sites to Learn Another Language Online

Whether it is required for school or a job, or you just want to learn a new language for fun, having a helping hand can never hurt. While textbooks and other supplies are available, they can be difficult to learn from. Speaking another language involves saying the words properly, and pronunciation can be very hard to learn from text. Having a live tutor can be extremely helpful but also very expensive and possibly inconvenient. However, there is another alternative. You can find multiple websites available, some free and some paid, that can help you learn a new language with an interactive approach. You can hear the words being pronounced on these sites that will help you learn the language more easily. Read on for information on the best three language learning sites and questions you should ask before signing up.

How much do these services cost?

Babbel has a monthly subscription for $14.95, a three month subscription for $29.95, 6 months for $49,95, and 12 months for $89.95. Rosetta Stone offers 3 month subscription for $35.97, 6 month subscription for $65.94, 12 months for $107.88, and 24 months for $155.76. Pimsleur is a bit different. This company sells MP3 lessons and compact disk lessons at different levels starting at $99.95.

Are there any free trials?

Babbel offers the first lesson of every course for free. Rosetta Stone offers a free demo. Pimsleur does not offer any free trials at this time.

Are there any sales or discounts available?

Pimsleur is currently running a 50% off sale. Rosetta Stone offers a 10% student discount and a military discount for those who verify their ID. 

How long will it take to learn a new language from the site?

Different approaches may require different amounts of time. Babbel does not specify how long it should take, but they do show that the lessons are in short 10-15 minute increments. Rosetta Stone does not guarantee a time frame, but does say that you can expect to spend 40-50 hours per level of the program. Pimsleur claims that you can speak at the Intermediate level within 30 days if you practice 30 minutes per day.

What does the cost include and how deep do the lessons go?

To determine whether the cost is worth it, it is important to know what is covered. You will want to find out how many lessons you will learn, if there is live support, and so on. Also, finding out how deep the lessons go is important. You do not want to pay the same price for beginner on one site as you do for expert lessons on another.

What languages do they teach?

Each program offers different languages, and you should make sure that the program you choose teaches the language you desire to learn. Currently, Babbel teaches 14 popular languages. Rosetta Stone offers over 30 languages. Pimsleur gives you access to 50 languages.

Do they offer guarantees?

Some sites may offer a full refund if you have not learned the language by the time you have finished the program. Others may not. At this time, there are no known guarantees like these for Babbel, Rosetta Stone, or Pimsleur.

Do I get a refund if I am not happy?

All three websites offer a money back guarantee within a specific time frame if you are not satisfied. Babbel has a 20-day money back guarantee. Rosetta Stone offers a 30-day money back guarantee for all items and subscriptions purchased directly from them. Pimsleur also offers a 30-day money back guarantee on its items, but you must pay for the shipping.

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