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It is prom season and every girl wants to look and feel beautiful for the special night. You want your dress to be stunning but when you consider the cost of the dress, shoes, accessories, getting your hair and nails done, and other expenses, spending a lot on a dress does not seem possible. More and more designers and stores have noticed this problem and decided to fill the gap. There are now options for every girl to be able to buy her dream dress without sacrificing something else. If you are looking for a prom dress at a reasonable price, continue reading for places to shop and ways to save even more on the available low-cost dresses so your prom night can be all you imagine.

What might I find at LaLa Mira?

LaLa Mira's inventory is as versatile as Hebeos's. They carry chiffon dresses, beaded dresses, princess gowns, split leg dresses and so much more. They have many options under $100 and some dresses up to 80% off. 

What types of dresses does Hebeos carry?

You name the style, it can most likely be found on Hebeos- from mermaid skirts to princess style, sleeveless to tulle sleeves, short to floor length, A-line to V-neck and halter, and more. Many of these gorgeous gowns cost less than $100.

Does Promlily carry princess style dresses?

Of course, but the options do not stop there. They also carry most of the same styles as LaLa Mira and Hebeos. Promlily also carries dresses for under $100 and has some other ones on sale for up to 73% off. 

How much extra will shipping cost me?

Hebeos offers free shipping on orders over $199 and Promlily gives free shipping on orders over $189. For prices under these amounts and for LaLa Mira shipping, the cost will depend on the weight of the package sent. The exact amount will be given to you when you order.

Are there any special coupons or deals available?

Yes, on top of the sales of 73% to 85% off, each company has other deals. Hebeos gives an addition $5 off orders over $145, $15 off orders over $245, and $40 off of orders over $345 with their online coupon codes. LaLa Mira offers $5 off when you sign up as a member plus an additional $6 off orders over $145, $16 off of orders over $245, and $41 off of orders over $345 if you use their available website code. Promlily has similar codes offer $7 off of orders over $139, $25 off of orders over $299, and a $5 coupon when you sign up as a member.

Do these shops also carry plus sizes for a good price?

Yes, all three carry many beautiful dresses at deep discounts. In fact, most of the smaller sized dresses shown can be purchased in plus sizes letting every girl feel like a princess.

How far ahead of time should I order my dress online?

The short answer is the earlier the better. With all three companies, it will take between 8 and 15 days to make your dress. Then, it will take another 3 to 8 days to reach you. As mail and shipping services can run into all types of difficulties and delays, relying on these estimates might leave you without a dress on prom night. At the minimum, order a month in advance. However, if you can order before that, you will be even safer.

Where can I find a jaw-dropping prom dress on a budget?

There are three great online stores to shop from: Hebeos, LaLa Mira, and Promlily. They offer beautiful dresses at low costs and are currently running prom season sales.

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