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Looking for cheap airfare? Traveling just about anywhere can be expensive, especially if you are planning a trip overseas. Flight costs can easily use up a large portion of your budget, leaving you cutting costs on all the more entertaining aspects of your trip. But if you do some shopping around, you'll actually find a number of inexpensive flights that will give you more money for shopping, food, and other entertainment. Online you can find cheap airfare from a number of different booking websites such as Expedia, Travelocity and CheapOAir - just to name a few. Using these tools, you can save potentially hundreds on the cost of your flight. For more information about getting cheap airfare, ask these questions. Find affordable flights to any destination in the country or the world!

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What can you tell me about CheapOAir?

CheapOAir offers the cheapest flights to just about anywhere. Current offers include flights from Charlotte, North Carolina to Tampa, Florida for just $65, or fly from New York to Quito for just $407. CheapOAir offers a price match guarantee, so if you find a cheaper flight somewhere else, they'll match and beat that price. Their website is easy to use and they offer around the clock customer support that can help you find the cheapest flight - no matter where you want to go.

What deals can I find at Expedia?

Expedia offers great deals for travelers no matter when or where they want to go. Fly from LAX to LGA airport in New York for $190 with Spirit airlines or travel from Long Beach to Las Vegas for $88 with American Airlines. Flights from LAX to Cancun are just $321 per person - just in time for that Spring Break getaway. Travel to San Salvador with Interjet for just $333. Check out more available deals on the Expedia website with special deals featured daily.

Where can I go to compare all the major booking websites?

If you are looking for one convenient tool to compare airfare costs at Expedia versus those at CheapOAir or even Orbitz, then you need to try CheapFlights. At CheapFlights, you can find flights to or local to Rome for as low as $637 - a deal available from AirTkt. While CheapOAir costs a little more at $650, remember that they have a price match guarantee.

Where can I find cheap round-trip flights to London?

JustFly is a great website for finding cheap flights to the most popular destinations in the world, including London. Right now, at JustFly, you can find round-trip flights from out of Boston to London for as low as $291 when flying with Air Canada. Final process include all taxes and fees.

Can Kayak help me find cheap airfare?

Kayak is another great tool for finding cheap airfare from all the major airlines. Fly out of Chicago to Dublin, Ireland and back for as low as $408 when you fly with United Airlines. You can find other great deals at Kayak and compare rates with other booking sites like Expedia and Travelocity.

Does it matter which airport I choose?

While you might feel compelled to fly out of a major airport, it might be a better idea to fly out of a local airport or drive a little further to another airport. Flying out from a major airport like LAX could cost you hundreds more than say flying out of Burbank airport. Take this into consideration when booking your next flight.

Where can I find cheap flights to China?

FlyChina is a great tool for finding cheap round-trip airfare to China. Right now, you can fly to China from Burbank airport and return for just $518. This price includes taxes and fees for one traveler, including two free checked bags. This deal comes from United Airlines.

Where can I find cheap domestic flights?

Southwest is one of the most affordable airlines for domestic travel. At the Southwest website, you can find Cheap flights from Burbank, California to the Newark Liberty International Airport for in New York/New Jersey for just $137. Fly with Southwest regularly, and you'll have more chances to save on domestic flights. Just sign up for their Click N' Save email list, and you'll be alerted to weekly savings on flights.

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