Samsung Smartphones Coming in 2018

If you're looking for a new smartphone going into 2018, look no further than Samsung's two newest phones that are sure to top the charts in the new year. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note8 fast became favorites after hitting the shelves in 2017, and that trend is expected to continue well into 2018. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note8 both sport ultra-fast processors, big, bold screens, exceptional cameras on both the front and back, plenty of storage options and more. If the current lineup isn't enough to get you excited for 2018, however, Samsung is also expected to release two highly-anticipated phones in 2018 that are sure to grab your attention - the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung Galaxy Note8, both of which are supposed to be released sometime in 2018. While most information about the two new devices is speculation and rumors at this point, if Samsung continues with its current trend of producing award-winning phones, the two newest phones in the lineup for 2018 are sure to be just as impressive, if not more so. Thinking a new Samsung phone might be the right choice for you? Check out the following questions and answers to learn more!

When is the Galaxy S9 expected to be released?

The current consensus is that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be released during the spring or early summer of 2018, though official release dates have yet to be announced.

What new features are expected on the Galaxy S9 and Note9?

Specific details have not officially been announced, but experts believe the new lineup of smartphones from Samsung in 2018 may include new color options and higher-performance displays.

When is the Galaxy Note9 expected to be released?

If Samsung sticks to its previous schedule, the Galaxy Note9 should be released shortly after the Galaxy S9 is released, though no official release dates for either phone have been disclosed just yet.

How much with the S9 and Note9 cost?

Details about the Galaxy S9 and Note9 have not yet been released. However, experts believe the new phones coming in 2018 will see a slight increase in price over the Galaxy S8 and Note8, though not by much. Stay tuned to Samsung for more information as details are released in 2018.

When can I learn more about new Samsung phones coming in 2018?

Samsung may begin releasing info about the new Galaxy S9 as early as January of 2018. Stay tuned to Samsung to learn more as details are released!

What is the difference between the Galaxy S8 and the Note8?

On the outside, the Note8 is slightly larger than the S8 Plus, at 6.3-inches, with a vivid AMOLED Infinity display. It sports the same Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 processor seen on the Galaxy S8, but also includes the S-Pen to make taking notes or memos as easy as writing on the screen.

What options are available for the Galaxy S8?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is available in two versions - the S8 and the larger 6.2-inch S8 Plus. Both feature a brilliant edge-to-edge Quad HD Infinity display capable of displaying over 4 million pixels and 16 million different colors.

How does the Samsung Galaxy S8 compare to the iPhone 8?

While the debate rages on regarding which phone is better, the S8 or the iPhone 8, many experts believe that the Galaxy S8 has finally launched Samsung ahead of Apple, and there are more than a few Apple lovers who have made the switch to the S8.

Any good deals on one a smartphone right now?
Definitely, the popular Samsung Galaxy can also be bought at discount prices. Best Buy will sell you a Galaxy S for a really great deal right now if you're willing to sign a two-year service contract at the same time.

Great deals can also be found on the most recent version of the Apple iPhone. The cellular carriers AT&T, Verizon and Sprint all offer 32 GB versions of the iPhone for less than $100. Compared to the newest iPhone model, that's basically a steal.

Another great cell phone deal is the HTC - One M8, which is on sale for $49.99 through Best Buy and other electronics outlets. This 4G phone also uses the latest Windows OS and is as sleek and stylish as anything else on the market.

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