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    What to Ask about the Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

    Smartwatches still have a bit of catching up to do in popularity when compared many devices out there but for someone who wants to be connected at all times, be able to stream audio or listen to music, use a GPS or have instant notifications available at their fingertips, a Smartwatch is worth looking into. Starting at an affordable price, the Samsung Gear S3 display has a 360 x 360-pixel resolution and Corning Gorilla Glass SR+. The watch links into your existing smartphone and so is Android based. Read on for important information about this hot new smartwatch.

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    Are the apps easy to use?
    The Gear S3 used S Voice to listen to your voice commands to help you navigate through the apps on your watch hands-free. While it doesn’t have the features to look answers up on the internet or give you map directions, it can be used as voice-to-text to send to send emails or call someone.
    How do I access my phone, email, and apps?
    There is a â??homeâ? button on the side of the watch that when pressed, will display eight apps on the face of the phone. With a simple twist of the circular bezel to the left or to the right, the power of the watch opens up to show you texts, email messages, notifications from your phone, social media, and as any apps running on the phone such as S health. Answering your phone works the same way and with a little practice of turning the bezel, becomes an easy way to have short conversations.
    Does the watch only come in one design?
    The Samsung Gear S3 has two models – the S3 Classic and the S3 Frontier. The Classic looks as its name implies – the classic look of a sleek watch that would pair nicely with dress clothing. The Frontier has a bit more rugged looking with its face and strap. Both watches allow for a variety of 22mm straps that can work with your personal style.
    Is the watch water-resistant?
    The watch is military grade and built to last. It is water-resistant and is IP68 certified. This allows confidence that the watch will not be ruined if out in the rain or you jump into a pool. The watch is safe in up to 5 feet of water for no more than 30 minutes.
    What type of memory does the watch have and what software does it run?
    The Gear S3 comes with 4GB of internal storage and runs Samsung Tizen OS, a Linux-based platform. The Tizen play store has approximately 10,000 apps to choose from and download to the watch. The watch is enabled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
    What is the fitness tracking like on this watch?
    As with most Samsung smartphones, the Gear S3 comes with S Health tracks six types of exercises. The watch acts as a pedometer that shows calories burned for the day, a tracking device for activities such as exercise, food intake and your weight. When you need instruction on how to perform a workout, the app gives a step-by-step guide.
    What type of warranty does the watch come with?
    The Samsung Gear S3 comes with Samsung’s Standard Limited Warranty which allows coverage for one year from date of purchase for the watch and the battery. It does not cover defects or damage resulting from accidents or misuse.
    What is the battery life like?
    The Samsung Gear S3 is installed with a 380mAH battery and with all features enabled and running, the average life of the battery is two days. The watch comes with a wireless charging dock that quickly recharges the watch.