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    Ask This When Researching Free Cell Phones for Seniors

    Reliable cell phone service has become a necessity, especially for senior citizens who live on their own. Individuals who are 65 years of age and older could require help of some kind at a moment’s notice. While the help that they need is simply a phone call away, the cost of owning and maintaining a cell phone could be too expensive for senior citizens with limited discretionary funds. However, seniors on fixed incomes could qualify for free cell phones, allowing them to remain in touch with loved ones who are most important in their lives. The Lifeline Assistance program helps senior citizens with financial need to receive cell phone services for free. Ask these questions when trying to get a free phone for a senior.

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    Will the senior citizen use a cell phone in an emergency?

    Cell phones are wonderful communication tools, allowing loved ones to contact seniors at any time. Seniors can also use cell phones in cases of emergency, so it’s important that they take their cell phones with them wherever they go.

    Is the senior on a fixed income?
    For seniors to receive services, they will need to show proof of income. Since many seniors have left the workforce and have started collecting retirement and social security, it should not be difficult to show limited income status.
    Is the cell phone user 65 years of age or older?
    According to the government, an individual can qualify for a wide range of services for senior citizens once they hit 65 years of age. Trying to get a free cell phone for a senior will most likely include this age limit.
    Can the senior citizen provide proof of receiving state or federal assistance?
    This documentation can include the most recent statement of benefits or official documentation from government assistance programs, along with any pay stubs, tax returns, and statements from the Social Security Office.
    Is the senior's annual income below Federal Poverty guidelines?
    For one person per household, the Federal Poverty guideline for income is $11,770. For a two-person household, income is $15,930. For those seeking a free cell phone for a senior, it is essential to find out the latest information regarding the Federal Poverty guidelines.
    Does the senior participate in any federal government assistance programs?
    Those seniors who have applied and receive government assistance may already automatically qualify for free cell phones. These assistance programs can include Medicaid, Food Stamps, Supplemental Security Income, Section 8, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. 
    Is the senior participating in any state government assistance programs?
    Some state programs that assist individuals and families on fixed incomes can vary from state to state. Seniors who participate in some state assistance programs may also qualify for free cell phones.
    Does the senior need help applying for service?
    The Federal government contracts with local Lifeline providers to get qualifying seniors set up with free cell phones that include 250 free minutes and texts each month. More information can be found online or through government assistance offices.