Renal Cancer Treatments

Renal cancer is potentially one of the deadliest cancers out there. If you have been diagnosed with renal cancer, it is important to start treatment as soon as possible. Even if your cancer was caught in its advanced stage, it’s not too late to begin treatment. A number of immunotherapy drugs and chemotherapy drugs have been developed over the years that can help fight cancer, potentially stopping its growth altogether. If you have renal cancer or know someone who does, it is important to not give up hope. Ask your doctor about any of the potentially life-saving treatments for renal cancer. If you have renal cancer and are looking for the right solution, ask these questions about renal cancer treatments, and talk to your doctor about them today.

What is Torisel?

Torisel is a medication delivered intravenously that is used to stop cancer growth or at the very least, slow the growth of cancer. Nausea, vomiting, headache and diarrhea are typical side effects of the medication. Treatment is typically only necessary once a week for up to an hour.

What is Votrient?

Votrient is a type of tyrosine kinase inhibitor that, like Avastin, blocks blood supply to the tumor preventing it from growing any further or at least decreasing the rate of growth. It can extend a person’s life exponentially. Votrient is taken orally, and can be taken with food.

What is Sutent?

Sutent is a drug that can treat even the most advanced stage of renal cancer. Unlike other chemotherapy drugs, it takes a different approach to blocking blood supply to the tumor by slowng down the formation of new blood vessels. It is taken orally and can be taken with food.

What is Nexavar?

Nexavar can be used to treat a variety of different cancers including renal cancer. Like other chemotherapy methods, it can stop or slow down cancer growth. It is taken twice a day but must be taken on an empty stomach. Side effects are typical as with most chemotherapy drugs, but they should usually not persist over time.

What is Proleukin?

Proleukin is a type of immunotherapy drug that uses a substance already in the body called Interleukin-2. It stops cancer growth by interfering with the body’s immune system in order to fight the cancer. It is administered intravenously, and typically in a hospital setting. Upset stomach and loss of appetite can occur when taking Proleukin.

What is Avastin?

Avastin is a synthetic antibody that can treat renal cancer by blocking proteins in the body so that the blood supply to tumors is reduced. By reducing the blood supply to the tumor, you can effectively stop the tumor from growing. Like many chemo drugs, it is administered through an IV.

What is Everolimus?

Everolimus is a type of chemotherapy drug that comes in two different brand names: Zortress and Afinitor. Zortress is used in cases where a kidney transplant has been performed, wehere the drug can work to suppress the immune system so that the kidney is not rejected. Afinitor is a chemo drug that can slow or stop the growth of cancers and tumors alike.

What is Inlyta?

Inlyta is a type of oral medication that can treat advanced kidney cancer, typically when other chemotherapy drugs have not been effective. The medication is taken twice a day and works by slowing the growth of cancer cells. It belongs to a class of drugs called tyrosine kinase inhibitors.

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