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    Ask This When Planning A Wedding
    If you're like most couples, you want everything to be perfect on your wedding day - every flower, name card, and napkin in place, without a single detail overlooked. Planning a wedding is no small feat, however, and dreams of the perfect day can quickly turn into stressful negotiation over color palettes and guest lists. Whether you're planning a grand affair with hundreds of guests, or a small, intimate ceremony for only your closest family and friends, wedding plans can go a lot more smoothly with the help of a few professionals experienced in the art of creating the perfect wedding. Before picking up the phone or heading to your first consultation, however, make sure you know exactly which questions to ask. 
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    Can you give us an estimated cost for the entire wedding and reception?
    Your wedding planner will ask you for your initial budget, but don't assume that means everything will fall within that range. Ask your wedding planner for a cost estimate for everything, and work with your wedding planner from there to keep things well within budget! 
    Do you have references we can contact?
    Always ask potential wedding planners or vendors for a list of references before agreeing to work with them. Reputable vendors and wedding planners should have this list readily available to you.
    Can we choose any venue we want, or do we have to select one from your list?
    Some wedding planners will only work with specific venues, so before choosing your wedding planner, make sure he or she will be willing to work with the venue you've chosen!
    Which dates are available at this venue?
    If you've started planning far enough in advance, your options for dates at your venue will be a lot easier to negotiate. If you've got your heart set on a specific venue, make sure you ask which dates are available before you set your wedding date!
    Do we want to hire a caterer or use catering provided by the venue?
    Catering at your wedding can generally be done through an outside vendor, or through the venue (if they provide that service). Look at costs and availability to decide who you'd like to cater your wedding, and then let your venue know as soon as possible. 
    Should we hire a wedding planner?
    If you're planning a very large wedding, you may want to hire a wedding planner to help with the details. Ask your fiance, friends and family whether they think a wedding planner is necessary or recommended. 
    Do we pay each vendor individually, or do you provide us with an invoice for all costs?
    Check with your wedding planner to see whether you will be billed separately by all of your vendors, or your wedding planner will give you an invoice to cover all costs involved with the wedding. While it may be more convenient to pay a single bill, it's not as easy to see individual costs for comparisons or negotiate expenses individually with the vendors. 
    What is your rate, and what does that rate include?
    Most weddings are done on a fairly strict budget, so make sure you know exactly what each vendor charges and what those charges include, before agreeing to work with them. You may also want to ask about any additional fees you may incur for things like set up or tear down. 
    When can we expect to receive our contract?
    Most reputable vendors and venues will work under contract, and you should always ask when you might expect to receive the contract for review. Make sure all contracts are completed and received by you well before the ceremony, in case there's anything that needs to be changed or added. 
    How much involvement will you have on the day of the wedding?
    Ask your wedding planner for specifics about the day of your wedding, and how involved she'll be in the events. Some wedding planners will plan everything and then it's up to you to carry out the plans, while others will provide complete, hands-on coordination of all aspects of your ceremony and reception. 
    Have you ever worked with the venue we've chosen?
    If you choose to work with a wedding planner, make sure she is familiar with the venue you've chosen, or is at least comfortable with the type of space. If not, request that she familiarize herself with your chosen venue and bring any potential issues to your attention as quickly as possible.