Pest Control for Bed Bug Infestations

Is your home infested with bed bugs? These bothersome pests have made a comeback in recent years. Bed bugs often nest in mattresses, baseboards, cracks in walls, bedding and furniture, and at night they climb to where people sleep and feed on their blood. They're small, flat and hide easily. Most people don't know they have bed bug problems until they eventually discover a rash from bites. To prevent excessive bites and end infestations quickly, it's important to know the five most telling warning signs of bed bug problems. Equally important is knowing what to do about it. While some sprays and powders can kill bed bugs, the only way to get rid of bed bugs fast is with help from a professional extermination company. Read on to learn the top five signs of bed bug infestations and compare the best exterminators.

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Are there tiny red stains on your mattress or bedding?

If you find small red stains on your bedding or mattress, it could be the result of rolling over on bed bugs at night while you're sleeping (and they're feeding). These stains are visible even on dark-colored bedding, but they're easier to see on lighter-colored fabrics.

Do you have an unusual rash?

Bed bug bites form the appearance a rash that's unique from other skin blemishes. Bed bug bites are sometimes clustered, but usually they form in a straight line -- the result of bed bugs stopping to feed as they move. Bites can also take more than a day to fully appear.

Is there a spotty, dark-colored substance?

Like all living things, bed bugs poop. Their fecal matter is visible on bedding as a dark-colored trail of specks. These fecal stains are small, and when dripped with water might look like blood. Look for them in cracks and crevices of bedding mattresses, pillows, floor boards and furniture cushions.

What stands out about Orkin and Terminix?

Terminix provides extensive in-home inspections and backs its work with a cash-back guarantee. Terminix also offers alternative treatment options including its RapidFreeze solution. Orkin, on the other hand, is often regarded as a great option for residential and commercial customers, and consultations can be scheduled from the company's website.

Is there a musty smell?

Rooms that are infested by bed bugs sometimes take on a musty or oddly sweet aroma. These smells have been described as anything from berries to almonds to moldy footwear.

Could a local bed bug exterminator help?

Locally based exterminators in cities across the country are well-equipped to deal with bed bugs. Be sure to do your homework if going with a local company.

Which exterminators are the best bed bug removal services?

Orkin and Terminix are the best nationwide bed bug extermination companies. These well-known pest control companies offer a wide range of services including thermal heat treatment for bed bugs. With this treatment, rooms are heated up to temperatures at which bed bugs can't survive. This is the best option for ending bed bug infestations. Both Orkin and Terminix offer flexible scheduling, competitive rates and in-person price quotes.

Have you found exoskeletons?

Bed bug exoskeletons are small, white and thin, almost film-like. Bed bugs shed these exoskeletons as they grow, and you can often find them in the same places where you'd check for fecal stains.

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