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    Ask This About Good Drivers Over 55 Saving Money On Car Insurance

    Did you know that good drivers ages 55 and older can save money on their car insurance? Turns out, there are a few easy ways for senior drivers to cut their monthly insurance costs. For starters, taking the AARP Smart Driver Course results in a mandatory discount throughout most of the United States. Most insurance companies also offer special discounts for senior customers, plus older drivers can do other things to qualify for other known discount programs -- such as install anti-theft devices that make their vehicles easier to recover when stolen. Of course, older drivers can also save money simply by calling around and comparing offers from competing insurance providers. Ready to shave your auto insurance bill? Read on to learn how good drivers over 55 can start saving money on their car insurance.

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    What is the AARP Smart Driver Course?

    The AARP Smart Driver Course is a refresher course specifically made for people ages 50 and older. It covers all kinds of topics that are relevant to senior drivers, such as how to use the latest automotive safety features and the risks of driving while using medication. The course also covers basic safe driving tips such as how to avoid distractions on the road.

    Does my state offer a mandatory AARP Smart Driver discount?

    As of this writing, 35 of 50 states require insurers to give discounts to seniors who complete the AARP Smart Driver Course. In states where discounts aren't mandatory, most insurers still offer discounts to seniors who go through this program.

    Which insurance providers offer special discounts to senior drivers?

    Many large car insurance companies offer special discounts to older drivers. If your car insurance provider doesn't, then it's time to call around and compare new offers.

    Do I qualify for low-mileage car insurance discounts?

    Most car insurance companies offer discounts to customers who don't drive as many miles. Often, the mileage-cutoff ranges is around 10,000 miles annually. If you're below this threshold, then you might qualify for a discount. People tend to drive less as they grow older, making these discounts more popular options.

    Can I lower my rate with a vehicle tracking system?

    Equipping your car with a vehicle-tracking system such as Lo Jack can get you a car insurance discount. These GPS-based tracking systems make it easy for police to find your vehicle in the event of it being stolen. That's peace of mind for insurers, as well.

    Can I get a discount with a AAA driving course?

    Similar to the AARP's program, the AAA Roadwise Driver program is a refresher course aimed at helping older drivers. Most insurance companies give rate discounts to adults who complete this class.

    Can I take a safe driving course online?

    The AARP and AAA senior driver courses can actually be taken online! This means if you're too busy to get to a testing station, you can take your test online and still enjoy a lower car insurance rate. All you need is a working Internet connection.

    Can I switch to a cheaper car?

    The easiest way for anyone to get a lower car insurance rate is to switch to a cheaper car. Less-expensive cars are easier to fix and thus less costly to insure.