Pre-Order the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Check out these pre-order deals for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9! The Galaxy Note 9 is bigger, faster, and more advanced than any smartphone in the acclaimed Galaxy lineup, and it's been made more affordable thanks to these outstanding deals. Our favorite deals are offered by Samsung, Verizon, and T-Mobile, although you can also find Note 9 deals through Best Buy, Sprint, and others. Want a smartphone that packs a Snapdragon 845 processor, upgraded camera software, and a stylus that doubles as a Bluetooth controller? Then you want this phone! Being the newest addition to the Samsung Galaxy lineup, these deals are just the tip of the iceberg, which is why it's important to research the best offers before making a final purchase. Learn more about the best deals for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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Does Best Buy have a Note 9 deal?

Best Buy is offering $200 to anyone who buys a Note 9 in-store through either AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. It's a nice incentive that doesn't require any kind of trade-in.

What is AT&T's Note 9 deal?

Get the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 through AT&T and you can sign up with AT&T Next. This program allows customers to upgrade their phones once per year. The big upside here is that you can buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 now and upgrade to the Galaxy X when it's released in 2019!

What is Samsung's pre-order gaming bundle?

Do you like the game Fortnite? Fortnite is making its Android debut exclusively on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and as a pre-order bonus Samsung is offering 15,000 V-bucks -- Fortnite's in-game currency -- which would normally cost $150. This game will look great on the Note 9's large screen.

Why is Samsung one of the best options for ordering the Note 9?

Samsung is actually offering two great pre-order deals, which is why it's our favorite option for ordering the new Galaxy Note 9. The two choices are an audio bundle and a gaming bundle. You won't find that kind of variety through other retailers! Even better, you can claim both pre-order bonsues for just $99.

What is Samsung's audio bundle with Note 9 pre-orders?

Pre-order the Note 9 through Samsung and you can get a free pair of AKG Noise Cancellation headphones -- that's a $299 value! These headphones are stylish, comfortable, and do an adequate job of cancelling out most ambient noises.

What is T-Mobile's deal for the Galaxy Note 9?

If you already own a newer Samsung handheld, then fear not -- you're not stuck with it. Head on over to T-Mobile and trade it in for up to $500 off the cost of a new Note 9! This is a great option for anyone who wants the latest smartphone technology.

What is Sprint's Note 9 deal?

Sprint is offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 through its Sprint Flex lease program. By leasing through Sprint, you can get the Note 9 for low monthly payments of just $21 per month! Those rates are incredibly difficult to beat.

What is Verizon's Galaxy Note 9 pre-order deal?

For people who want more than one phone, Verizon is offering a BOGO deal that is repaid over 24 monthly service credits. Buy one phone at regular price and this deal is yours.

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