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    Top 3 Online Paralegal Programs

    Much of the workload of attorneys is absorbed by paralegals, who regularly perform administrative tasks and case research, making paralegals a part of the workforce in high demand. Paralegals may act as intermediaries between in-house attorneys, managers and employees in corporate settings, and litigation paralegals are often involved with doing much of the hard work for trials. Since the justice system is overrun with cases, the need for highly-qualified paralegals is constantly growing, but many adults don't have the time to spend in a classroom in order to pursue a career as a paralegal. Fortunately, there are several excellent paralegal programs that can be completed entirely online, making a career as a paralegal much more doable. The top three online paralegal programs are through University of California Berkeley, Boston University and University of Miami. Before choosing an online paralegal program, be sure to ask the following questions, so you can choose the one that's best for you and your educational goals. 

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    What type of program does the University of California, Berkeley offer?

    UC Berkeley offers an online certificate program in Paralegal Studies. This program is designed to accommodate students who want either an entirely-online or hybrid program to fulfill their educational goals.

    How long is the paralegal program at UC Berkeley?

    The paralegal certificate program at UC Berkeley is six months long, with students completing a total of 360 hours of instruction by licensed attorneys. Students will need to pass two courses and three electives and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA in order to receive a certificate.

    What type of program is offered at Boston University?

    Boston University offers a paralegal certificate program in Paralegal Studies. The online program is the same as the classroom-based program, and focuses on the core skills of research, technology, writing and litigation. 

    How long is the paralegal program at Boston University?

    Boston University's Paralegal Studies program is a 14-week online program drawing on real-life experiences of practicing attorneys. Students entering the program should have either a bachelor's degree or significant work experience, though this is not a requirement. 

    What type of paralegal program is available through University of Miami?

    The University of Miami offers a certificate program in Paralegal Studies, with both English and Spanish programs available. All prospective students must take an online test before being admitted into the program.

    How long is the paralegal program at University of Miami?

    The University of Miami paralegal program is a four-month program that focuses on government structure, legal analysis, ethics, litigation pleading preparation, legal writing and court rules.

    How much will an online paralegal program cost?

    All of the top three paralegal programs cost $7,000 or less, depending on which program you choose. In some cases, financial assistance or payment plans may be available to help you cover the cost of tuition.

    When can I enroll in the paralegal studies program of my choice?

    Some schools open enrollment several times per year, while others have specific dates for enrollment. Check with each school to learn more about how and when to enroll in your program and to inquire about any prerequisties you may need to complete prior to enrollment.