Ask This When On a First Date

Fun, fluid conversation is essential for pulling off a fantastic first date. That said, too much mindless small talk or deep, probing questions can be just as awkward as dead air. How do you impress your date with spontaneous, meaningful conversation without saying anything you'll regret later? Here you can find several questions that are great conversation starters for first dates. In addition to asking the right questions, you should also remember to listen. It's easy to ramble, especially if you're feeling the pressure of the first date. You'll score points (and get ideas for your second and third dates) if you let your date speak.
What is your favorite thing to do on weekends?
What does your date like to do on a lazy Saturday or Sunday? Does he or she prefer to lounge around the house, go for a road trip or hang out with friends? This question makes for a fun conversation that can also give you ideas about what to do on future dates.
Are you a dog or cat person?
Almost every has a passionate answer to this question, and most people will back it up with some kind of story. People who have had pets will always talk about their pets, or people who have had experiences with animals will start talking about those experiences. This is a great lighthearted conversation topic that can tell you a lot about a person.
What were you like as a kid?
Talking about your childhood is a great way to bring up fun stories about your past. It's also a great way to peel back layers of the onion and starting learning more serious things, such as where your date came from and what his or her family was like. Asking your date about his or her family can be dicey, but asking about what your date was like as a child is a harmless way to start working toward these questions. Oftentimes, the more important topics will just come up naturally.
Do you have a nickname? If you do, how did you get it?
A lot of people have nicknames, and usually, those nicknames stem from funny stories. You can learn about someone's friends, family and fond memories by learning more about their nicknames.
Do you have any pet peeves?
People love joking around about things that annoy them. Talking about pet peeves is a great way to inject some humor into your date while also learning what not to do the next time you go out.
Who would you consider to be your best friend?
Asking your date about his or her best friend can help you to understand more about your date's personality, as well as what he or she may like to do doing free time. This is especially useful if you know your date's friends.
What do you do for a living, or what do you hope to be doing?
Don't spend too much time talking about work, but definitely ask your date about his or her career goals. This can lead to all kinds of discussion, and you'll also learn more about how your date spends his or her days right now. Where a person works -- and where a person hopes to end up -- can say a lot about that person's character.
What about dating do you not like?
What better way to break the ice on a date than to acknowledge how awkward it can be? This is a great question to ask if you feel things are moving a little slow. Once you both open up about what may be making you uncomfortable, chances are the rest of your date will be much smoother sailing.
What makes you laugh the most?
Sense of humor is often an important factor in a significant other. The more you understand your date's sense of humor, the better off you'll be during the course of your dates. Or, if your date gives a super lame answer, maybe you'll determine that this person isn't who you're looking for.
Who inspires you the most?
Everyone has people who inspire them to be better. Who inspires your date? Discussing your inspirations isn't just a great way to learn about each other's personalities, but it's also a great way to find common ground between hobbies and interests.
What are your top 5 movies of all time?
The movies we watch say a lot about who we are. They also say a lot about whether two people will enjoy spending lots of time together. If your date's top 5 movie list makes you want to run and hide, then you probably won't be too compatible when dating. On the other hand, if your date's list makes you want to cook up some popcorn and fire up the DVD player, then you're in business.

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