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    Ask This When Finding Minecraft Server Hosting

    Minecraft is a popular game that is played online by users of all ages. This game is essentially a virtual version of Legos, building blocks that players use to create their Minecraft worlds. As they are building and destroying what they have created at will, users are exploring, mining, and fighting off enemies known as creepers and zombies. Minecraft is popular due to its great versatility for gamers of various ages, and the ability for players to connect and play Minecraft in multi-player games makes it one of the most beloved games in recent memory. In order to connect, a player needs to find a Minecraft server online that he or she can join. It is also possible for players to set up private servers in order to play Minecraft with a select group of friends. Here are questions to explore when finding one of the top 3 server hosting options for Minecraft.

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    How do I know which Minecraft online servers are popular?
    The gaming community - especially when it comes to Minecraft - is vocal about the servers that they like for multi-player games. Many Minecraft server sites rank their servers based on the votes of participants; the servers with the most votes by the community is the most popular. The server sites also indicate how many players are signed up with each server.
    What are the server hosting options for Minecraft?
    There are two main server hosting options for Minecraft: setting up a private server and joining or hosting a public server. Each option has advantages and disadvantages that depend on the ages of the players, how often the game will be accessed on the server, and who will be playing the game online in a multi-player situation. A little bit of research will be required, whether your choose to join a public server or host your Minecraft server online.
    How old do players need to be to join or host an online Minecraft server?
    It is a really good idea for gamers to be thirteen years of age or older before playing Minecraft in the multiplayer function on a public server. Hosting a private server allows parents to offer more protection as their kids can invite friends and family members to play in multiplayer games, but strangers cannot have access.
    Are online Minecraft servers open to everyone?
    Generally, Minecraft servers open to the public are available for anyone to join. However, gamers are really serious about the worlds and communities they have set up with other players; they don't want other gamers to come in and destroy what they have already built. Before being allowed to fully play, gamers who want to join a public server may be "white-listed," which is simply a way for players to check you out and make sure that you are legitimate.
    How can I get more information on how to host a Minecraft server online?
    Minecraft players are the best source for finding out more information about hosting a Minecraft server online. Minecraft wikis, websites, and forums are also great sources of information, as well as online videos with step-by-step instructions for joining a public server or hosting a private Minecraft server for multiplayer fun.
    Why should I research different Minecraft server hosting options online?
    Researching different Minecraft server hosting options can help you decide whether you want to set up your own private server or simply join one of the hundreds of public servers available. Hosting your own Minecraft server is fairly simple, with step-by-step instructions that are easy to find online. Setting up a private server helps limit gaming to those who are approved to use this particular server, offering more protection for gamers, especially if they are younger.
    What are the top 3 server hosting options online for Minecraft?
    There are literally hundreds of Minecraft servers that gamers can join. The top 3 server hosting options can be found on sites like Minepick, Minecraft Servers, and Best Minecraft Hosts. These public servers are ranked by users for performance, website use, support, features, and any associated cost.

    How can I join a public Minecraft online server?
    Players need to known the IP address of an online game server in order to join. Gamers can visit a Minecraft IP website that lists Minecraft servers open for more players. Then it's a matter of copying the IP address of the server you want to join and connecting with it through the Minecraft multiplayer menu.