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Online reputation management is a crucial step for businesses and professionals alike looking to protect their brand. When a business has an overwhelmingly negative online reputation, it is less likely to make as much money. It is also more likely to lose what clients or customers it has. Professionals looking to find a job or find clients are less likely to be successful in their pursuit if the only information anyone can find about their practices is negative. The best way to manage your online reputation is to be kind and professional and to offer high quality content and services. Have you ever wanted to remove something off of Google? Here's what you need to know and what you should ask about managing your online reputation.

How much time will I spend managing my reputation?
Unless you represent a major corporation or are a very famous person, you should only need to spend a couple hours a month managing your online reputation. If you need to spend more, you should focus on earning positive reputation.
Is my reputation ruined if I have a negative review or two?
Actually, it is better for you to have a negative review than to have a perfect, pristine online reputation. Having a perfect reputation can be suspicious to consumers, but a few negative reviews will validate the positive reviews, especially if your reputation is overwhelmingly positive.
What can I do about libelous information?
You need to decide if the libel is damaging enough to warrant spending a lot of money on court costs pursuing damages from the one who is committing libel. If it is not, the best thing to do is focus on providing quality services to consumers and allowing the untrue information to be drowned out. If you get enough good reviews, the untrue information will not be believed by consumers.
Is it better to have no online reputation or a bad online reputation?
Consumers will find little value in an organization or business with no online reputation. Most consumers are suspicious of these individuals or businesses because they don't seem legitimate. Even a bad reputation will prove to consumers that you provide the services that you claim to provide.
Why should I care what's said about me online?
Unlike Las Vegas, what happens online rarely stays just online. As society becomes more and more dependent on their smartphones and online services, consumers are only a click away from accessing reviews and information about you and your business.
In terms of content, does quality or quantity matter when it comes to managing my reputation?
You should never flood the internet with social media posts or other content. Instead, focus on improving your reputation with relevant, high-quality content and service.
Can I remove damaging information from the internet?
Unfortunately, no. What's on the internet remains accessible on the internet. There are sometimes ways to remove negative posts, but many people can access cached versions of websites so there is no way to completely remove anything from the internet.
If someone makes up a lie about me or my business, can I make up a lie to balance it out?
There is absolutely no excuse for lying online. Even if your company is damaged by a lie, that damage will be nothing compared to what will happen to your personal or professional reputation if and when consumers find out that you lied. A reputation for dishonesty is the most difficult reputation to repair.

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