Local PPC Marketing for Small Businesses

PPC marketing for small businesses can help beat the competition! Local PPC marketing is a powerful part of a comprehensive SEO strategy. While consultants use SEO - search engine optimization - to get websites to show up naturally on the pages of search results, PPC marketing can do that and more in a fraction of the time. While SEO can take months, pay-per-click marketing can put small businesses' names and websites in front of potential customers right away. However, it can take an investment of time, effort, and money to perfect PPC efforts, and small business owners would be wise to hire local PPC marketing specialists. These trained professionals have the knowledge and skills to convert website visitors into customers without wasting cash. The top three local PPC marketing businesses include Disruptive Advertising, JumpFly, and Directive Consulting. Ask the following questions when hiring local ppc marketing professionals for small businesses.

How is new ad copy tested?

Local PPC marketing professionals know that it's best to test ads to see which versions work the best. A campaign that has received 2,000 impressions or 200 clicks should contain enough information for a campaign manager to analyze.

Does the PPC marketing specialist set up and manage campaigns?

A small business PPC account requires both set up and ongoing management to make sure that ads are performing well, turning online visitors into customers. PPC professionals should be keeping a close eye on the results of campaigns.

How are keyword lists created?

Keyword lists help identify targeted audiences and should come from more than one source. Keyword lists should ideally be made up of what the small business owner wants to focus on, what keywords are successfully utilized by the competition, and the Google Keyword Planner, provided through Adwords.

What is included in the ad copy?

PPC marketing professionals should structure ad copy that has the targeted keyword, a compelling headline, a relevant message, and a strong call to action in order to capture the attention of the targeted audience.

What are the most valuable KPIs?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) help PPC professionals measure the success of their campaigns. The most important KPIs in PPC marketing are conversions from visitors to customers and cost-per-acquisition, which is how much the conversion costs small business owners.

How do PPC professionals determine CPC rates?

The cost-per-click rates are the amounts that users are charged when someone clicks on an ad. Pay-per-click ads are those that cost the client money every time there is a click on the ad for their business. The amount that is charged the client depends on how much money the client was willing to spend.

How often are campaigns reviewed and adjusted?

Experienced PPC marketers for small businesses should review and adjust campaigns several times per week. Paying attention to keyword performance can help specialists adjust as needed and add negative keywords to refine target audiences further.

Are you Adwords certified?

A PPC marketing specialist should be knowledgeable and skilled, which includes Google Adwords certification. This proves that the professional in question is well-versed in the rules and guidelines of pay-per-click advertising.

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