Keller School of Management Online MBA Degree Program

For busy professionals looking to earn their MBA degree, finding time to attend classes can be a real challenge. While online MBA degree programs can be a great option, some programs are still weighed down by rigid deadlines and inflexible schedules. Keller School of Management's online MBA degree program takes a different approach, however, by allowing you to learn from anywhere, 24/7, so you can easily log on after you've put the kids to bed for the night, during your lunch break at the office or even while traveling for business. Keller makes finding time to continue your education easy and accessible for working professionals, which is why the Keller MBA program stands out among the rest. Not only does Keller give working professionals a realistic path to earning their MBA, it also offers affordable tuition and tuition payment options, rolling application deadlines, manageable eight-week courses, and more. If you're ready to further your education, without sacrificing your personal or professional life, the Keller MBA degree program is an excellent option. Check out the following questions and answers about Keller Graduate School of Management's online MBA program, including benefits, cost and program design, so you can see how Keller can help you achieve your educational goals.

How is Keller better than other online MBA programs, like Baker College?

Unlike many other online MBA degree programs, Keller offers rolling application deadlines and classes every eight weeks, so you can start when you're ready. In addition, Keller offers the option to attend classes on campus, online, or a mix of both, depending on what best suits your needs.

What options do I have to help cover the cost of tuition at Keller?

Keller offers several ways to help cover the cost of tuition, including grants, scholarships, transfer credits, military benefits, employer reimbursement programs and loans. The Dennis Keller Scholarship, for example, can add up to as much as $4,800 in lifetime tuition savings.

How much is the cost of tuition at Keller?

Tuition rates for the online MBA program at Keller is just $766 per credit hour or $575 per credit hour for active duty military, and easy payment plans are available to help make covering the cost of your tuition more manageable.

What is the percentage of applications that get accepted to Keller?

Keller has an easy application process and as many as 75 percent of applicants are accepted into the online MBA program.

What is Keller's cutoff date foor applications?

Keller offers rolling application deadlines that open every eight weeks, so you can begin your education as soon as you're ready, without lengthy wait times for applications and acceptance.

What if I want to do some of my coursework on campus?

Keller offers students the option of completing their MBA on campus, online, or a combination of both, depending on what best suits their needs. That means you will be able to complete some coursework on campus, if you choose. This is a great option for students who enjoy on-campus study, but also want the option of completing courses online.

Is Keller accredited?

Yes, Keller Graduate School of Management is fully accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The online MBA programs offered through Keller are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, a recognized accrediting body.

What are some advantages to choosing Keller's online MBA program?

Students of Keller's online MBA program have access to academic advising, live tutoring and career counseling, financial services, a virtual library, 24/7 technical support, and more.

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