Hiring Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

The warm weather months are here, and people who have a pool or are considering building a pool, selecting a pool maintenance service is the key to keeping a pool looking clean and inviting. There are many factors to consider when caring for a pool. Some things that affect the quality of the water and the cleanliness of the water include exposure to direct sunlight, type of chemicals selected, and the amount of use they see daily. A professional pool service can accurately maintain chemical levels and perform routine maintenance on the equipment to keep the water sparkling clean and clear. Make sure the pool is ready for summer fun every day with help from a reputable pool service in the area.

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Where is information found regarding pool maintenance services?

The best place to search for pool maintenance companies in the area is the internet. Key in "pool maintenance companies" and add the specific area to get a list of results. Generally, the first few results are the largest, most reputable.

What makes a pool service company good?

One way to determine the quality of service they provide is to research the reviews left on their website or services information site. Also, check out the range of services and whether or not they are full-service.

Is a pool maintainence service necessary?

If you work, are physically unable, or do not have the experience and know-how to care for your pool correctly, then hiring a pool maintenance service is your best option otherwise, your pool may not be suitable for swimming when you are ready.

What type of services do pool maintenance companies provide?

Most services offer routine cleaning, equipment service, and add treatments to the water as necessary. Some companies offer a wide variety of services. Before deciding on a service, check out what they have to offer on their website.

How do pool service companies charge?

Generally, a pool service charges on a monthly basis for weekly service. The prices, on average, are anywhere from $75 to $150 per month. Do price comparisons on a few different service providers to get the best deal.

What is involved in a weekly pool cleaning?

In most instances, the monthly fee covers removing debris from the surface and the walls of the pool, emptying filters, inspecting equipment, testing water balances and chemical levels, and adding chemicals as needed.

Is pool service required in the winter?

This is a personal preference. Most people treat their pool and then keep it covered during the winter months. People who live in warmer climates may choose to have occasional pool service if the weather permits or the pool becomes dirty or filled with algae. Indoors pools will require year-round service. A dirty pool inside a home is not pleasant and can create issues such as mold, algae and odors. It can also attract pests.

Can a pool service clean the area around the pool?

Some companies offer cleaning around the pool for a flat rate. Check to see if the company you choose offers this service. If not, it may cost more to have another business come to clean the area to get it ready for use during the warm weather months.

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