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Ask This When Hiring a Web Designer

Are you thinking about getting a Web site professionally made? There are numerous reasons for people to want their own Web sites. Some people need Web sites for their companies, while others may want personal Web sites for showing off their families or highlighting personal achievements. Getting a professionally built custom Web site isn't cheap, especially if the designer starts from scratch and charges by the hour. If you're looking for a designer, the best thing you can do to save time and money is to put as many of your thoughts on paper as possible. The more guidance you give to your Web designer, the less time will be wasted on work that isn't what you wanted.

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Can I offer services in return for Web design services?
Many Web designers work on a freelance or contract basis, and their primary incomes come from other means. If that's the case, they may be willing to accept some kinds of goods and services in exchange for their time. For example, if you can provide something that might be beneficial to them professionaly or for entertainment -- such as access to a summer home or bed and breakfast -- then you may be able to work out a non-monetary agreement.
Do you write Web content?
Some Web designers write Web content for the sites they design, but others do not. You want to find this out ahead of time, in case you need to find someone else to help with content writing. If the designer does handle Web content, be sure to ask from writing samples produced by the designer or his subcontractors. Having a high quality of content is crucial for a good Web site.
Do you know standard HTML coding or do you hire web developers?
Until recently, most Web designers didn't actually code their own Web sites. They'd design the looks and how the site would work, but then hand the site to a developer to do the actual coding. Nowadays, the standard has shifted so that Web designers should handle their own coding. Your projects could be completed with fewer complications if your designer knows HTML standard coding and other coding languages.
Do you charge by the hour?
Most Web designers charge by the hour, but you definitely want to confirm this ahead of time.
Are your designs completely original?
Some Web designers cut corners by usingtemplate of Web designs from around the Web. These templated layouts aren't necessarily bad, but you shouldn't have such high hourly rates (and your project shouldn't take nearly as long to finish) if your designer is working from templates. You can use this information to negotiate a discount.
What other sites have you built?
Always ask for live work samples, and pay close attention to whichever sites are shown as samples. Write down the urls so you can review them yourself later on.
Would a do-it-yourself template program be better?
People who don't need complex Web sites can save a ton of money by using some kind of template/DIY site-builder tool. Wordpress is a popular platform for building simple blog-style sites. Many Web hosting companies provide their clients with tools for building small Web sites, and numerous other Web sites allow people to build sites for free as long as they're willing to display adds. You may not need to spend a lot on a designer if you just need a five-page site.

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