Ask This When Sending Graduation Cards

Sending out graduation cards is an important milestone for students who are getting ready to graduate. Decisions must be made about who will be formally invited to the ceremony, but graduation cards can also serve as announcements for those who can't be invited to the main event. As with many other formal events, certain etiquette rules apply to the sending of graduation cards, and the list of dos and don'ts can be daunting. Between finishing up the last days of school and making plans for graduation, finding time to brush up on graduation card etiquette can seem impossible. Knowing which questions to ask before dropping your graduation cards into the mailbox can save a lot of time and frustration, and help ensure none of the recipients are left feeling jilted. 

Who should receive graduation announcement cards?
Graduation cards are the best and most formal way to announce your graduation to the world. Talk to friends and family when compiling your list of people to send announcements to, so you don't inadvertently leave important family members or acquaintances off your list. 
How many people can I invite to the graduation ceremony?
While inviting everyone you've ever met to watch you graduate may seem like a fun idea, most schools and universities limit the number of seats available per graduate. Always check with your school or the ceremony coordinator before sending out invitations, so you don't end up needing to revoke invitations later due to lack of seating. 
What information should be included on my graduation cards?
The information included on your cards will depend on the type of cards you buy. For example, cards meant to announce your graduation, but not invite guests to the ceremony or celebration, should not include venue information. All graduation cards should at least include the graduate's name, school, graduation date and, if applicable, degree earned. Your print shop should be able to walk you through what should be included on your cards, and online research can be helpful, as well. 
What should be included in the envelope for graduation cards?
The type of graduation cards being sent will determine what, exactly, should be included in the envelope. Most graduation cards include both an inner and outer envelope, along with the announcement and any other cards being included, such as name cards, invitations to the ceremony and RSVP cards. Talk with your print shop or do some research online to find out what you should include before sending your graduation cards!
When should I send graduation cards?
Timing is important when sending graduation cards, but the right timing depends on which cards are being sent. If invitations are being sent, aim to have them arrive at least two weeks before the ceremony. Other types of graduation cards can be sent later. Look online or talk to your print shop for more information on when cards should be mailed out. Etiquette guides will also be helpful in determining the right timing for sending your cards. 
How many graduation cards do I need to buy?
Before ordering graduation cards, you'll need to decide how many you need to buy. A good rule of thumb is to order a few more than you actually need, to make room for any last minute additions to your list. The number of people receiving invites to the ceremony itself may differ from the number of people receiving announcements, so keep this in mind when ordering. You may also wish to include separate invitations for people who will be invited to your post-graduation celebration, but not the actual ceremony. Family can be helpful in deciding how many graduation cards to purchase, and if you're using a print shop, ask for advice on how many extras you should order based on the number of people currently on your list. 

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