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    Goodbye, Banks Fees – Here’s the Top 3 Online Checking Accounts

    Who wants to pay bank fees? Many banks charge ridiculous fees for just opening an account and maintaining it every moth, taking away more of your hard-earned money than you may even realize. Well, it’s time to say goodbye to bank fees once and for all. Buy opening an online checking account, you can get reliable banking services without paying ridiculous fees. The top 3 online checking accounts come from Capital One 360, Chime, and GoBank. These innovative online banks are offering free checking accounts with no minimum balance requirements, as well as easy access to thousands of ATMs across the country, and so much more. If you are interested in opening a free online checking account, ask these questions.

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    What can you tell me about Capital One 360?

    Capital One 360 is definitely one of the best online checking accounts out there, if not the best. With around the clock access and several ways to manage your money, online checking has never been easier. Capital One 360 customers will have easy access to customer service and tons of option, especially when it comes to overdrafting. You’ll also be able to deposit checks, send cash and pay bills from literally anywhere you have internet access.

    What can you tell me about Chime?

    Chime may not be as well known, but it is certainly one terrific online bank. Chime prides itself in its rejection of any unnecessary fees – not even overdraft fees. Online you can check our account at any time, analyze spending and quickly deposit funds. You’ll also have the option of enrolling in automatic savings.

    What can you tell me about GoBank?

    GoBank is another outstanding online bank with no fees, including no overdraft fees nor bounced check fees. This means that you’ll get online checking with little worry. Additionally, with patrol direct deposit, you’ll get all your earnings up to two days early.

    Are there really no fees for opening an account?

    With the top 3 online checking accounts, there are absolutely no fees attached. There are no fees for starting an account, maintaining the account or overdrafting in most cases. Even better yet, there is not eve a minimum balance requirement. Alas, there is a solution for keeping the money you earn.

    How available are ATMs?

    ATMs are widely available for all of the top 3 online checking accounts. You’ll be easily able to find a location near you, as there are thousands of locations across the country. GoBank for instance offers over 42,000 ATM location, more than any in the top 3.

    Will I be charged fees for withdrawing money?

    For the most part, you will not be charged any fees for withdrawing from an ATM. Withdrawing money is absolutely free unless you go to an ATM outside your bank. Then you may be charged a service charge of $2.50 as is usually the case.

    Variable Annual Percentage Yield?

    The variable annual percentage yield, according to Capital One 360 is .20% for balances of less than $50,000. For those with over $50,000, its 75% APY. And for those with $100,000 or more its .90%. This means the more you have deposited, the more you can earn.

    Will I get a free debit card?

    One of the best things about online banks, other than no fees, is that they offer many of the Same services for free as well. With the top online checking accounts, you’ll also get a debit card for free as you would at any bank.