Ask This When Getting Glasses

Getting glasses can be a daunting task, especially for those who are purchasing a pair for the first time. There are countless styles to choose from, and you have to take everything into account; what style will fit your face? What style will fit your lifestyle? What brand is in your price range? Do you want any special additions to your glasses or lenses? Before walking out of the doctor’s office with your pair of glasses, there are many questions you should consider beforehand.

Do you NEED additional benifits?
In addition to considering adding benefits to your prescription, you also want to keep in mind the price. Some additions to your lenses may be helpful, but some may not be worth the extra cost. How often you drive, how often you get sun where you live, how much time do you spend on the computer, how often do you read, all of these are things to consider before committing to extra benefits.
What type of frame materials should you consider?
There are many different materials used for frames, the biggest division being between plastic and metal. You have to choose depending on multiple variables: some styles of glasses are more cosmetic than practical; will these glasses endure your lifestyle? Is your lifestyle too active to consider frames that may not fit on your face securely? Are you worried about your glasses breaking or bending? How often will you be using them? If these glasses are for a child, what material would be the most sturdy? Talk to your doctor to find frames that will best fit your lifestyle.
What shape should you look for?
Glasses frames come in a wide variety of styles, and you'll need to consider what you're looking for before making  your appointment. Do you want them to be thin and subtle? Do you want them to be wide and stylized? Do you want a wild color? What frame shape compliments the shape of your face? Take some time to research styles before purchasing your own pair.
Should you add anything special to your glasses?
There are many alterations you can make to your glasses. Just to name a few, there are anti-glare coatings, and tinted lenses that can turn to sunglasses depending on the amount of sunlight. Depending on where you live or your lifestyle, you may want to talk to your optometrist about adding to your glasses.
What brand should I look for?
Glasses are like any other form of fashion: there are the main brands, and the off brands. Many famous clothing and accessory brands also make glasses frames. If trends are something you would like to consider, look online before hand to see if any of your famous designers make glasses frames that you can purchase at your appointment. If trends are less important to you than keeping within a budget, there are countless off brands to choose from that mimic the style of mainstream designers.

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