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    Ask This When Using Flea Protection for Pets

    Does your pet have fleas, or have fleas infested your home? If so, then you're probably on the market for flea control products or even a flea exterminator service. Products such as Advantage for dogs and cats can safely keep fleas off of your furry companions. These products are safe and long lasting, and they're easily applied after bathing your pets. Flea collars are effective in some cases. To completely eradicate a home flea infestation, you'll probably need an extermination service that can treat the walls, floors and furniture in all of your rooms. Flea removal services can be expensive, and not all flea removal products are made the same, so doing thorough research to find the best option for flea control for dogs and cats is important. Ask the following questions to help find the best flea removal options for your needs.

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    What are the active ingredients in flea protection?
    The active ingredients in many flea protection products are Imidacloprid and Pyriproxyfen. Imidacloprid is recommended by veterinarians and has been since being introduced over 14 years ago. It attacks nervous system of the flea, paralyzing and killing it. Pyriproxyfen is an insect growth regulator that attacks the fleas in the immature stages, killing it before it becomes an adult. This combination of ingredients work to take out both the adult flea, the larva and the egg.
    Do flea collars work?
    Before buying a flea collar, remember that there are a few types to choose from. One type of collar sends out a high-frequency wave that keeps the fleas away. The reviews have been mixed on these, and the results seems to depend on which brand is being tested. The gas-based collar creates a toxin that repels the fleas if they come near the collar. These also also have mixed reviews.
    Are some flea protections waterproof?
    It depends on the specific flea protection that you choose. Most flea protection that comes in powder form is not waterproof , but many lotions and sprays can be. Check the directions before buying. Advantage II is a lotion and is waterproof so no problem swimming or even giving your pet a bath should not be a problem. You should wait a day or so before giving your pet a bath after applying flea protection and use a non-detergent soap.
    Should I hire an exterminator?
    If you are worried about fleas on your pets and in your home, you may want to hire a professional exterminator to go over your house. This is especially important if you are using a flea protection on your pet and want to make sure that your pet stays free of an infestation. Shop around and get an estimate before signing anything or allowing anyone to spray poison around your home.
    Do the fleas have to bite the pet for the flea protection to work?
    Many flea protection products for dogs and cats will work in the pets system by being ingested and in the blood the flea sucks out. Most will work by contact with the flea itself, so you save your pet from having to be bitten to get rid of the fleas. After a day you may want to bathe your pet and brush them to get rid of dead fleas in their hair.
    Are the collars that release insecticide safe?
    There are collars that release insecticide that is in turn absorbed by the skin of your pet. That means your pet will have to be bitten to make it work and be effective. These collars release insecticide on your pet and can get on you and everything your pet may brush against as well. If this is a problem for you, invest your money and time in a different flea protection for you and your pet.
    How is this flea control product used?
    Remember to read the instructions before using any kind of flea product. Most of these products are applied on the skin between the shoulder blades, away from the face and eyes. Different products must be applied more often than others, so be sure to be aware of dosage requirements. Flea collars are much easier to use -- just put them on and replace them several days later.
    How long does it take before the flea protections starts working?
    It depends on the flea protection that you chose. Most will take several hours to a day to start. Some work by direct contact, others will work only after the fleas bite you pet. This will make the time-to-work factor vary widely. With Advantage and other direct contact flea protections, the original infestation of fleas should be killed within the first 12 hours, and any other attempts by more fleas to re-infest your pet should be met with death within two hours. No matter what flea protection you use, you should also give your house a thorough cleaning focusing carpets and any beds and blankets your pet may be using.