Ask This When Finding a Spiritual Guidance Coach

People who find themselves at a spiritual crossroads often seek the help and guidance of a spiritual guidance coach, but finding a spiritual guide can take time and patience. The right spiritual guide can help you make life-decisions in a way that fulfills you both emotionally and spiritually, but not all spiritual guidance coaches take the same approach. When looking for a spiritual guidance coach, take some time to consider your overall goals and what you'd like to accomplish with the help of spiritual guidance. Knowing which questions to ask can take the frustration and worry out of finding the perfect spiritual guidance coach, and help ensure you end up with a spiritual guide that's perfect for your needs.

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What made you want to become a spiritual guidance coach?
Ask potential spiritual guidance coaches what made them want to become a guidance coach, and consider their answers along with your own vision of what a guidance coach should be. This question may help you weed out potential guidance coaches whose values don't match up with your own. 
How do your services work?
When shopping around for the right spiritual guidance coach, find out how each of the services works, so you're better able to find a service that works well with your needs. For example, some spiritual guidance coaches tend to become more involved in the day-to-day details of your life, while others work by offering overall advice and guidance in a more generalized way. Figure out which method works best for you and choose the guidance coach that meets those needs. 
What are your rates and what do I get for my money?
Always ask what rate you'll be charged, how often, and what, exactly you can expect to get in return. This lays solid groundwork for a client-guidance coach relationship, where the terms are fully understood. Never agree to a spiritual guidance coach who seems unsure of rates or can't offer you a detailed rundown of services you'll get in return. 
How much experience do you have?
While having years and years of experience may not be mandatory, choosing a spiritual guidance coach with at least some experience is a good idea. Ask about each coach's experience and training, and feel free to ask about experience working in specific areas that may be important to your journey. 
What is your availability like?
For some people, having open availability when working with a spiritual guidance coach is important, in case any urgent needs come up. Talk to any potential spiritual guidance coaches to find out availability, and choose one that has availability that works with your needs. 
How long can I expect to need your services?
While potential spiritual guidance coaches may not have an exact estimate of how long you'll need to work together, most should be able to give you at least some idea of a time frame, based on their past experience. 

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