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Cable TV and internet are the two things that people make sure are the first things switched on during a move (usually the electricity and water are already on), and some people have been known to move from one area to another to make sure they get the channels that they want. Cable TV and internet are important in some cases essential. The top cable TV providers, Comcast, Time Warner, Cox Communications and Charter Cable are all battling against streaming services like NetFlix and Hulu Plus to provide more channels and more coverage and faster internet to people all around the country. To help find the top cable TV company for you, look at the questions and answers below.

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We have Charter, are they changing?

Charter Communications is changing quite a bit, as they are the ones buying out Time Warner, moving from number four or so all the way up to number two. At the moment, they have some 5.9 million subscribers, with bundle deals, a digital video recorder option, and on demand viewing. What the future will bring as the two companies merge and become one is not quite clear, but is eagerly anticipated by investors and subscribers alike.

What's the best cable TV company?
The best cable TV company is the one that will give you exactly what you want at a price that you want. This will depend on what exactly you expect from your cable company and how much you care to spend for your cable television service. This is your homework: write down what you want such as sports, movie channels, premium services and see which package offered closely matches what is on your list. Also know that you will most likely not get your entire want list within you budget, be prepared to drop a thing or two.
How do I find the top cable provider in my area?
Finding the best cable providers in your area may be a bit difficult, as the best cable service may not service your area! Most cable providers will service, under a contract with the city, only a certain designated area. Ask your friends what service they may have, or check on the companies site to see if you are in the service area. If you want the channels only the other company is carrying, then you are probably out of luck. Unless you go with a satellite service like Direct TV or Dish Network and skip the cable provider altogether.
What about Time/Warner?
Time/Warner is being sold and absorbed, so chances are some deals will be offered by the serivce in the future. Right now they have a good selection of channels and over 13 million people in 28 states. This will change and be added to as the sale continues to go through. Their reputation is not nearly as bad as Comcast as to customer service, but is is also not stellar.
Is Comcast any good?
At this writing, Comcast is the largest cable TV provider in the United States. They have 25 million subscribers with more signing up. Furthermore, they provide options such as on demand viewing, a digital video recorder, as well as bundles that include internet service and phone service. The biggest problem many have with Comcast is the customer service. Comcast has become a monopoly in many areas, and if you don't have to worry about competition, chances are customer service will suffer.
What is satellite TV?
While internet and cable are usually delivered through the existing cable, some places can't be reached through the normal cable services means. These places have the option of satellite television: TV from space. This option used to be just for out of the way communities, hill towns or dwellings, and RV's (people without a fixed location), but with companies like Direct TV and Dish network expanding and offering new and tempting introductory packages, more and more people are looking into and choosing this option to free themselves from the cable companies.
What about internet service, is that offered?
Most cable companies offer internet services along with a bundle of services. Comcast, Time/Warner and Cox all offer internet service along with cable service. Other providers, such as satellite TV companies will offer internet along with with their service as well. This usually includes wireless.

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