Ask This When Filling out a Job Application

Compiling a standout job application is the first step toward landing most professional positions. In the wake of recent economic hardships, many open positions attract applications from dozens of qualified candidates, so there's no room for error if you hope to get the job you want. Most professional applications involve completing a resume and cover letter; most positions also require filling out a formal application. Remember to double-check everything you put on your application for typos and factual accuracy. You can also make your application standout by listing your specific career skills in a separate section on your resume. Do your research and talk to professionals to come up with any advantage you can find when turning in an application. Don't rule out anything that might help; some job-hunting experts even swear by sending thank-you cards in the wake of home-run job interviews.
Will I need to fill out an application if I've already sent in my resume?
Most companies will want an official application on file, even if they already have your resume. Ask the hiring manager whether you'll be asked to fill out an application and come prepared! 
Are there any typos in my application package?
Ask as many people as possible to review your application, resume and cover letter for typos and accuracy. A single mistake could cost you an interview.
Should I attach my resume to the application?
Some companies prefer that you attach your resume to the application, while others do not. Always ask the HR representative or hiring manager which they prefer. 
Do I need to list all of my previous employers on my application?
As a general rule, you'll need to list at least the last couple of employers you worked for. If you can't list them for some reason, ask the HR rep how to proceed. Keep in mind that intentionally leaving information off your application without a good reason could result in being disqualified from getting the job! 
Who should I send this to?
A great way to make contact with the company where you're applying is to contact the HR department and ask who will be receiving your job application. This will show that you're willing to go the extra mile, but you don't need to worry about seeming intrusive to those who will be handling your interview.

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