Ask This When Finding a Father's Day Card

A Father's Day card can be the perfect gesture to reinforce the bond between you and your dad. Regardless of the how the card looks or what it says, it's likely that most fathers will appreciate any card that comes from one of their children. Considering that this is the case, the right Father's Day card can be something special, and can remind your dad of all the best things about having children. Just like each father is unique, there are different types of Father's Day cards to appeal to different personalities. For the best Father's Day experience, here are a few questions to ask when looking for a special card.

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Should you make or buy a Father'??s Day card?
Children's handmade cards are always charming, but past a certain age you need to have some artistic flair to pull off a handmade card, as well as a father who appreciates his kids' handiwork. If you and your father do meet these qualifications, then a handmade card can be a special way to show that you put extra time, effort, and thought into your Father's Day card.
Does the card match your father’s sense of humor?
Many Father’s Day cards contain some humor. Whether or not your dad will find them funny is another matter. If your dad is always cracking jokes, then he may appreciate a funny Father’s Day card. Just make sure that the humor in the card matches his own. Funny cards may be lost entirely on more serious fathers, who would likely prefer a different type of Father’s Day card.
Is a Father’s Day card enough, or should you get a gift?
This issue is largely subjective, and depends on what is expected in your family. If your family members usually give gifts on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, then purchasing a gift in addition to a card would be a good idea. If not, then a card alone should suffice.
Does the card touch on a fond memory?
Purchasing a card that references a fond memory that you and your father share can be a wonderful way to commemorate Father's Day. While store-bought cards aren't going to directly reference a particular experience in your personal life, there are cards that may reference activities that you may have enjoyed with your father, such as camping, traveling, or playing sports. Not only do such cards reflect back onto positive memories, they also have the potential to create new memories.
Should you and your siblings purchase a card together?
In some circumstances, a shared card between family members can increase sentimental value. In others, it just looks cheap. If you and your siblings are planning on purchasing your father a large present and sharing the cost, then a shared card would be appropriate. If shared cards are a tradition in your family, then by all means follow that tradition. In other cases, you should purchase a separate card from your siblings.
Does your father appreciate local art?
Many areas are home to local artists who sell copies or prints of their work in the form of cards. These can often be found in small, local stores, often feature quite beautiful pictures, and are usually blank inside, making it possible to customize them to any occasion. If your father appreciates art or local artisans, then one of these cards may be perfect for the occasion of Father’s Day.
Does the card reflect a personal interest of your father’s?
Buying a Father’s Day card that reflects one of your father’s personal hobbies or interests shows that you are interested in his life and that you support his past-times. If your father loves gardening, then a card that references gardening will mean more to him than one that showcases a boat. If he loves boating, then perhaps avoid getting a card that features cats. This card is for your father, and should connect to him on a personal level.
Is your father sentimental?
Many of the Father's Day cards on the market are an appeal to sentiment. Not all fathers are particularly sentimental. If your dad is the type that frequently gets misty-eyed over fond memories, then a sentimental Father's Day card may be perfect for him. If he steers clear of emotional displays, then you should steer clear of emotional cards.

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