Ask This When Acquiring Employment Law Posters

Employment Law Posters aren't just for decoration. Employment law posters keep employers and employees alike well-informed of the law. Sure these posters are friendly reminders, but they're also required by law. Since every place of business requires them, employment law posters are readily available. Some of the best places to purchase employment law posters are Costco, G. Neil and Intuit. These services will keep you and your employees up-to-date on all labor laws. If you are in need of employment law posters, here are some questions you should ask when obtaining them.

Do I need posters in Spanish?
If you have Spanish speaking employees, you may need to provide posters in the Spanish language. These posters should be readily available to you, especially when paying for a service.
What if I don't comply with the law?
By not complying with the law and displaying poster wherever necessary, you may face a hefty fine of up to $17,000. Even failure to post one or two posters could see you a hefty fine.
Where do I need to display employment law posters?
To be safe and ensure you are in compliance with the law, posters should be displayed in every building, office and location where there are employees present. Posters should be readily accessible by employees, even if they are traveling for business. A good place for a poster would be a break room where employees will visit frequently.
Why should I pay for employment law posters?
By printing posters yourself, you'll have to keep continuous track of updates to make sure your posters are always up-to-date, so that your employees are well aware of any changes in the law. When buying posters, most companies will provide you with an update service that will provide you with updates you can print and place aside existing posters. Another advantage of buying is that posters will come already laminated.
Which employment law posters do I need?
You will need both necessary federal and state law posters in order to be in compliance with the law. Even if a poster displays a higher minimum wage in the state poster, you'll still need the federal poster that displays the federal minimum wage.
Can I provide electronic copies to my employees instead?
Electronic copies may not be enough, as they may not be readily accessible to employees still, especially if employees do not all have access to a computer.
Can I just print them or acquire them from the government?
You may print posters from your computer, but you'll need to make sure posters are the appropriate size when printing. For instance, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration Poster must be at least 8.5 by 11 inches. You'll also need to make sure poster you print are laminated or framed to prevent them from being defaced or vandalized.
Where are some places to buy posters?
Employment law posters can be purchased from a variety of places. Costco sells the most up-to-date posters for $30 with an update services alerting you to changes. G. Neil offers an employment law poster service called Poster Guard that sends and ships posters to you with every update. Intuit's Poster Compliance Service for $70 a year provides you with laminated posters with free delivery and free replacements making sure you never have to pay fines.

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