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    Early Warning Signs of Testicular Cancer

    The thought of having testicular cancer is the source of great anxiety among men. They fear the suspected pain and discomfort. They wonder if they need to get their testicles removed and how the surgery will affect their lives. In general, most of what men know about testicular cancer is wrong. They waste time believing in myths rather than getting themselves checked by a physician. This procrastination can be detrimental because early diagnosis is the key to saving someone from this form of cancer. Here, we've cleared the air with information about early warning signs that might indicate testicular cancer. Talk to your doctor if you have concerns, but read on to learn more about the most common early symptoms.

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    Can doctors tell if a man is susceptible to getting testicular cancer?
    Given that the majority of cases are among men who have abnormal testicles, doctors can know if someone is more likely to get cancer than others. Men with undescended testicles are most likely to contract cancer. These are men whose testicles remain outside the scrotum, where they should have fallen during puberty.
    Is testicular cancer a common disease?
    When compared to other forms of cancer, the testicular variety is relatively rare. Men have a much higher chance of contracting prostate or lung cancer. Nevertheless, given the important functions testicles play in life, it is highly recommended that men get tested early and regularly.
    Do most men who get testicular cancer die of it?
    No, this disease is very treatable. Most men survive testicular cancer when it is caught early. Failing to get checkups can result in a late diagnosis and make fighting the cancer more difficult.
    Can surgery cause the cancer to disseminate even further?
    Physicians perform surgical removal of cancer, which has nothing to do with the disease spreading into other areas. The procedure entails localizing the cancer before removing the offending substance from the body.
    Does testicle removal diminish the male sex drive?
    It is common to remove a testicle to save it from cancer. Many think this procedure will lead to a diminished desire to have or participate in sex. However, with one still functional testicle, a man can lead a normal sex life.
    Should young men worry about testicular cancer?
    Young men assume testicular cancer affects only older men and, thus, forgo getting tested. The reality is that men aged 20 to 34 are the most likely group to get testicular cancer.
    Can having a vasectomy increase the odds of testicular cancer?
    Science has found no correlation between having a vasectomy and testicular cancer. The rate of contraction is the same for men whether they have or have not had a vasectomy.
    Does getting hit in the testicles cause cancer?
    Obviously getting hit in the testicles is painful, it plays no role in whether the region becomes cancerous.