Ask This When Attending a Customer Service Seminar

It is no secret that businesses that have excellent customer service will last longer and fare better than businesses that are lacking in this area. Good customer service isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone or even to every business, however. Good customer service skills are something that must be worked at. A good way to do that is by attending a seminar on the subject. At a seminar, employees can learn all that customer service is and consists of and how to offer the best service to their clients and customers. Attending a customer service seminar can offer valuable insight and skills to anyone looking to improve customer service, but choosing the right seminar is important. Ask the following questions before attending a customer service seminar to make sure the seminar is right for you or your business! 

What happens when registered seminar guests are unable to attend?
The reservation might be able to be transferred to one in the future or the reservation might be able to be transferred into someone else's name. This will depend on the organization holding the seminar. Many of them have a policy in place where if reservations are cancelled well in advance, the cost of the registration might be refundable. Make sure you ask ahead of time, in case you or your employees have a last-minute change of plans!
How can I pay for the seminar?
There are generally a number of ways to pay for a seminar. It can be paid for by credit or debit card either online, on the phone or through the mail. It might also be paid for by check or money order through the mail. Sometimes there will also be an option to bill the attendees. Find out this information before hand to make sure the seminar has payment options that work for you. 
Who will be the guest speaker at the seminar?
This will vary depending on the seminar but in general it will be CEOs, course developers, consultants, educators, authors, managers or even senior executives. Whoever leads the seminar will be an expert in the industry and successful in the world of business. Find out in advance who will be heading up the seminar, so you know whether the person speaking will offer information that's valuable to you and your company. 
Can a customer service seminar be given on site?
Most of the time, a customer service seminar will be able to be tailored to fit the needs of any organization and then delivered at the organization’s site or anywhere else that might be convenient for all of the parties involved. If you prefer a seminar to be held on-site, talk to the organizers to see if that may be a possibility. 
Will there be any materials given out?
In almost all seminars there will be at the very least some handouts that will be given out. Many of these seminars will also include a seminar notebook that will outline the topics that will be covered as well as any appropriate supplemental handouts.
Is there a dress code?
Some seminars have dress code requirements - usually business casual - but check with the organizers ahead of time to find out what the expectations are for attire. 
Is it possible to earn credits for continuing education through this seminar?

Some seminars will qualify for CEUs or Continuing Education Units. Also, some seminars will qualify for specific accreditations. To find out about a specific seminar, contact the organization that is leading the seminar for more information and ask what steps need to be taken in order to earn continuing education units or accreditations. 

How soon before the beginning of the seminar can someone register?
Typically speaking, seminars of this nature are able to be registered for online or by phone and registration can last until the day before the beginning of the seminar. Advance reservations are highly recommended though to ensure that space is available. Make sure to ask prior to registration, so you know what sort of time frame you're working with! 

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