Ask This When Creating a Wedding Website

Creating a website for your wedding is a great way to keep friends and family updated during the lead-up to your big day. And the good news is, you don't need to commit to a Web designer to make this happen. Numerous easy-to-use wedding website builders are available either for free or for very little out-of-pocket costs, depending on whether you want advertisements appearing on your site. Each wedding website builder offers its own set of themes and design templates, and each is managed with a unique user interface. Our picks for the top 3 wedding website builders are AppyCouple, Wedding Woo and Wedding Window. Build a virtual place to share your date, post rehearsal schedules, remind people of important roles and more. Ask the following questions to choose the best website builder for your wedding.

What information is necessary about the wedding?
The vital details are date, time and location. Include information about the reception if it is taking place at a different location. Is the wedding going to be outside? Is there a backup plan for rain? Include directions to the venue, and a link to a live mapping website for convenience. Most of all, make sure people know what to expect so everyone can be prepared to have a good time.
What should I include in the bio?
It is likely that you will have people coming to the wedding who have never met you or your fiancee. The wedding bio is a chance for these people to hear about how you met. Have a bio page for the bride and the groom. Include a proposal story if it is interesting enough to share. Talk about the activities that both enjoy, so people can get to know you as a couple before your wedding day.
What photos should I add to the website?
A photo gallery on a wedding website is a great place to showcase your engagement photos, but you don’t have to limit yourself to pictures of you with your spouse-to-be. You can add baby photos, middle school or high school pictures, graduation photos and more. Include photos that show the hobbies and activities that you enjoy doing as a couple.
Should I include a link to the gift registry?
Yes. This will be the main reason for some people to visit your wedding website. If you are going on a trip and would like some extra honeymoon cash, this is the place to make sure your wedding gifts are tailored to you. Add a message that states your gratitude for their presence at your wedding, and offer a link to the registry for people that wish to give a gift for the occasion.
Should I have a Frequently Asked Questions page?
A list of potential questions and answers is a great spot for people to get all the necessary details for your big day. How should I RSVP, and can I bring a date? Is there a cash bar? Where do I park? Is there a wedding theme? What colors should I wear or not wear?
Should I include information about the people in the wedding party?
Most people visiting the website will be looking for information about the event and what to expect. It may be a nice thought to include details about your friends and relatives in the wedding party, but including too many pages might dissuade people from browsing further.
Can I add music?
Music can show an important connection that you have with your fiancee’, but it can also be distracting to unsuspecting visitors that don’t want to listen to music when they visit your website. Some templates include the option to add music to each page of your wedding website. WeddingWire and MyWedding are two examples of free online wedding templates that include an option for music.
What other details should be included?

If you are expecting people to travel for your wedding, theninformation about hotel accommodations is convenient and useful. Try to findoptions for a few different hotel price brackets that are close to the weddingand/or reception venue. Make sure to include what kind of food is going to beat the wedding. Are there options for people that have dietary restrictions?

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