Ask This When Comparing the LG V30 phone to iPhone X and Pixel 2

Choosing the right smartphone can be a challenge, especially when faced with amazing choices like the LG V30, iPhone X, and Pixel 2. There are many aspects in common for these three smartphones, including size, design, display, and weight. For texting, calling, and going online wherever you happen to be, any of these phones would be a good choice. However, each smartphone has impressive features that can subtly change consumers’ experiences with each one, including battery life, charging time, price, storage, and camera quality. It is important for consumers to be clear about how these phones are different before making the commitment of time, effort, and money into purchasing one of them. Ask the following questions about the LG V30 phone compared to iPhone X and Pixel 2.

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How much does each of these smartphones cost?

The LG V30 runs for retails for around $800. The iPhone X is higher priced, retailing between $999 and $1,149. The Pixel 2 costs $849 (64GB) or $949 (128GB).

Which one has the better camera?

The LG V30 is the smartphone with the better camera. Photographers are sure to love what the LG V30 can do, as the front and rear cameras both take high-resolution photos. The rear camera is 16 MP and powerful enough to take high-quality images in low light. The front camera is a 13 MP with a wide-angle lens.

Do all three of these phones have wireless charging?

All three of these smartphones can be charged wirelessly.

Are any of these models protected if dropped in water?

The LG V30, the iPhone X, and the Pixel 2 are all water resistant.

Which of these phones has the longer battery life?

The Pixel 2 has the longest battery life of the three. Not only does the Pixel 2 have seven hours of battery life, it can charge in as little as 15 minutes wirelessly.

Do these smartphones have VR capability or software?

The only one to have VR software included is the Pixel 2. The Pixel is the first Android phone to run Daydream, Google’s VR platform.

Comparing the LG V30, iPhone X and Pixel 2, which one has the better processor?

The LG V30 and Pixel 2 both have the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 processor, which is better than the iPhone X.

What about security which each of these smartphones?

The LG V30 and the Pixel 2 both have fingerprint sensors, while the iPhone X has Face ID, which opens when the phone recognizes the facial features of the owner.

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