Ask This When Buying Climate Control Storage

Climate control storage is the best way to protect your assets from the damaging cold and scolding heat. While many storage facilities keep your stuff locked up and protected from theft, they are not insulated or built to withstand extreme temperatures and your belongings are left susceptible to damage. Whether you're storing electronics or candles, many possessions need to be kept under certain temperatures. Climate control storage keeps your items under a specific temperature. Climate control storage also prevents mold damage because it keeps the facilities dry and temperate. This can be beneficial if you're storing furniture or linens for a move as you won't need to replace them because of damage. The top 3 climate controlled storage companies in the United States are Public Storage, CubeSmart, and U-Haul. Ask these questions when choosing a climate control storage company.

What is the best climate control storage company?
Public Storage is the most popular and trusted storage company in the United States. They have hundreds of locations so you'll be sure to find one local to you and they often stay open late for the convenience of their users. Most of their facilities are climate controlled and they have a low rate of incidents of accident or fire.
Are there AAA discounts for climate control storage?
Many climate control storage companies offer discounts with a AAA membership. These discounts can save you money on contract fees as well as contract and month-to-month rates. AAA membership can also help you find a climate control storage near you. If you're moving and you need to find a place in your new city to store your items temporarily or long term, AAA can help.
Does this climate-control storage facility have on-site security?
Some storage facilities merely lock up the doors for the night and return in the morning. While these facilities do usually have advanced alarm systems, most people feel more comfortable choosing a storage company with 24-hour, on-site security to protect their belongings, not just from theft but from fire or other natural disasters.
Does the climate-control facility offer insurance?
Even with climate control storage, accidents can happen. If there is a fire on the property or in a neighboring unit, you should know if the storage company will cover the cost of replacing your items. You should always inquire as to accident and act of God insurance coverage for the duration of your lease of the storage unit.
Has there ever been any break-ins with this company?
You should know before you sign any contract with a climate control storage company whether or not they have a history of theft. You will feel more comfortable knowing that you have chosen a facility that has taken the necessary precautions to protect your assets. If they do have a history of theft or break-in, remember to inquire as to what steps they've taken to prevent further incidents.
What if I need to break my contract?
You should fully read any contract with a storage company before signing any lease for a storage unit. You should make sure you're aware of any penalties or fees for breaking the contract early. Just like cell phone contracts, storage companies can fine you for not using their services for as long as you agreed to use them when you signed the contract.
Is this a self-storage facility?
Many self-storage facilities are climate controlled. They can have exterior or interior access and you place the items in the unit yourself. Other companies are different in that they haul your belongings from one location and hold them in their secured climate controlled storage facility until you arrange for delivery to a new location.
If it's self-storage, is it open on weekends?
Many people who use self-storage units often complain that the facility they've chosen isn't open on weekends or late enough in the evenings. These busy individuals often have to make more than one trip to their storage unit in order to move things around. You'll want to be sure that you choose a facility that is open when it is convenient for you.

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