8 Things to Ask About Christmas Light Installation

As you drive through your neighborhood at the beginning of December, your family oohs and aahs over the houses that are so beautifully adorned with neat rows of brilliant holiday lights, sparkling and twinkling in snowy white or a rainbow of vivid colors. How wonderful it would be to decorate your own home in such a dazzling display. Even if you had the equipment, know-how and time to do it yourself, you worry about the risks of climbing onto the roof, especially if old Jack Frost has already paid a visit. Hiring a professional Christmas light installer can be the perfect solution, if you choose the right one. Knowing what questions to ask when contacting prospective pros can help you make the best decision for your holiday decorating needs.

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Are you licensed and insured?
Installing holiday lights on roofs, trees and other high or obscure locations poses inherent risks, both to the people performing the job and to property. Hiring a contractor that has a proper license and adequate insurance coverage will help to safeguard your home and protect the people installing the decorations.
Do you provide all of the necessary supplies?
Determining whether a light installation contractor supplies the lights, power cords, hooks, hardware and other necessities for decorating your home will give you a better idea of how reasonable their rates are and whether they meet your needs. For instance, if you have a stash of lights in your team colors, you may prefer someone who only hangs the lights for you.
Do you have a variety of options?
Some homeowners prefer the streamlined, uniform appearance of a neighborhood filled with similar decorations while others would love for their house to stand out from the crowd. Knowing whether a Christmas light installer offers multiple choices when it comes to colors and types of lights or alternative decorations can make the decision easier.
Where do you obtain lights and other supplies?
Any time electric cords and light bulbs are used on your house, trees and landscaping, it is imperative to make certain that these materials meet all recommended safety guidelines. An installer whose quote is extremely lower than other competitors may be purchasing subpar supplies that could be hazardous.
Can I request specific decorations or layouts?
Perhaps you saw a house in another neighborhood with your idea of the perfect decorations or maybe you would love to incorporate a computer program that makes the lights on your house “dance” to music. If you have a specific idea in mind, find out whether the contractor is willing to provide this service.
Will you maintain the decorations?
The finished product looks amazing, but two weeks later, a storm blows a string of lights off the roof or you notice a handful of bulbs have gone out. Will the installer return to rehang the lights or change out the bulbs and, if so, will there be an additional cost involved?
How much will it cost?
Of course, obtaining a quote for Christmas light installation is essential to make sure the service is within your budget. When you have a clear understanding of what a contractor provides and whether your individual needs will be met, you can determine whether the rate is a fair one.
Can you offer references?
Names and phone numbers of or written recommendations and reviews from past customers can help ensure that a potential holiday light installer provides quality service. Better yet, ask the contractor whether he or she can show you photos of previously decorated homes to see if your decorating styles are complementary.

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