Choosing the Best Ecommerce Domain Name

Choosing an ecommerce domain name is an important step in establishing a popular brand. This is a long-term investment that can help solidify a brand and improve online traffic. While there are no hard-and-fast rules for creating ecommerce domain names, there are best practices that every business owner should be aware of. Along with unique to your niche, an ecommerce domain name should be short, easy to remember, simple to say, and not used by anyone else. There are many other considerations when choosing a domain name. Ask these questions when exploring which ecommerce domain name may be right for your needs.

Does the ecommerce domain name work well with the business logo?

Whatever the domain name, it needs to work well with the business logo and overall brand. While the ecommerce domain name doesn't need to copy your brand name exactly, it should have some words in common for brand consistency.

How long should the ecommerce domain name be?

Regardless of the brand name, the domain name needs to still be similar but as short as possible. While a domain name can be up to 67 characters, this can lead to mistakes for people who are trying to type the name and find your website. Try and keep the eccomerce domain name at or below 20 characters.

Should I use unusual spellings in my ecommerce domain names?

When it comes to creating a business domain name, it's important to not be cute. Use correct spelling and avoid numbers and hyphens. Make it as simple as possible for customers to find your business online.

Can the ecommerce domain name help drive website traffic?

Using an ecommerce domain name that both references your brand and business niche can help drive organic traffic to the website. Identify and then use keywords when possible when choosing an ecommerce domain name.

Should I use a domain name generator?

These can be used as a way to get ideas flowing. Domainr and NameStation are two popular domain name generators that don't cost anything. These help cobble together domain name ideas based on brands and business names in differing lengths.

Where can I purchase ecommerce domain names?

There are domain name registrars that manage the purchase of ecommerce domain names. Popular online brokers are GoDaddy, HostGator, and BlueHost.

How much do ecommerce domain names cost?

These can cost as little as $.99 to register. These companies also offer web hosting, site design and development services, and even email services for additional fees.

How long should I keep my domain name?

Keep in mind that an ecommerce domain name is a long-term game. After doing the keyword and branding research, purchase the domain name for at least five years if possible. Longevity helps relevant ecommerce domain names rank with search engines as trustworthy businesses.

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