Ask This When Choosing a Tutor

Tutors provide invaluable academic assistance for students who are at risk of falling behind in the classroom. Learning isn't as easy for some students as it is for others, and even those who excel in the classroom sometimes need extra help to master their studies. Academic tutors who specialize in various subjects can help students learn their lessons, improve their grades and keep up with their peers. Tutoring is an option for students of all age groups; from grade school through college, scores of students benefit from tutoring each year. If you're in need of help from a tutor, ask yourself the following questions to make sure you get the quality help you need. Choosing the right tutor can make a tremendous, positive impact on your education experience.

How long will tutoring be needed?
The length of time needed to master a subject through tutoring will no doubt vary depending on how much work needs to be done. After you've met with the tutor or tutoring company for a consultation and received an assessment, ask how long you might expect the tutoring to last, assuming everything stays on schedule.
Is this one-on-one tutoring?
Some tutors handle small groups of students at once, which allows them to have more clients and get more pay. This small group experience is often sufficient for most students, but be upfront and honest if what you need is one-on-one attention.
What are the tutor's educational credentials and qualifications?
Whoever is tutoring you should be a master of the subject matter. Ask for references allowing you to verify any claims of college degrees or other educational credentials that makes potential tutors qualified for the job. If you're seeking a tutor for your child, ask candidates about relevant teaching experience that could help them connect with your young student.
Where can we meet for tutoring services?
When seeking tutoring services for your child, you should be comfortable with the choice of setting. Even if you're finding a tutor for yourself, always meet in a location such as your campus library or a local coffee shop. Tutors are still strangers, and you shouldn't be inviting them to your home.
Where can I find SAT tutoring?
High school students often seek help from SAT tutors to help prepare them for the massive standardized test. There's a certain strategy to maximizing results on the SAT, and tutors can help students learn the right tactics in addition to preparing them with the right knowledge. SAT tutors can be found online or through many school guidance counselors. There are also numerous books and online SAT prep programs.
Can I choose who does my tutoring?
You can hire tutors privately, or you can go through a tutoring company. If you go through a company, you may not have any control over who provides your tutoring services. Having a tutor who you're comfortable with is essential to getting the results you need. Ask how much input you'll have into who does your tutoring, and don't settle for companies that leave you feeling uncomfortable with their answers.
How would the tutor measure my child's progress?
As a parent, you want to make sure that the tutoring services you're paying for are actually working for your child. Before hiring a tutor, ask how he or she intends to monitor and ensure that your child continues making progress. In addition, establish a system for you to be updated about your child's progress so that you're never surprised by what's happening in your child's academic life.

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