Ask This When Choosing A Mother's Day Gift

Each year, on the second Sunday of May, Americans are given the opportunity to honor mothers with flowers, gifts, brunches and long-awaited phone calls in honor of Mother's Day. From handmade cards and crafts to luxurious days at the spa, Mother's Day gifts run the gamut, and finding the perfect gift for your mom can be intimidating, even for seasoned shoppers. She may say she'll love whatever you give her on Mother's Day, but don't be fooled. Handcrafted cards made from macaroni noodles and finger paints aren't as cute when you're older, and she doesn't need another homemade coupon book. Take some time to wow your mom with a well-thought-out gift that shows you've been paying attention and made an honest effort, and watch her eyes light up on Mother's Day. Still stumped on what to buy? Don't panic! Knowing which questions to ask can help you score the perfect Mother's Day gift in no time! 

What is my budget for a Mother's Day gift?
The first thing you need to determine is what your budget is. Lovely gifts can be found in virtually any price range, including free, if you know what to look for. Set a budget and then stick to it, so you aren't hitting your mom up for a loan later on. 
What kinds of things does she like or enjoy?
This may seem like a no-brainer, but with all the hustle and bustle of shopping for a gift, many people forget to focus on what really matters - getting her something she'll truly enjoy. Does she love a good wine? Buy her a a bottle of her favorite vintage. Is she often curled up somewhere with a book? An e-book reader or gift card to her favorite book store may be just the thing! Feel free to ask other family members, and if all else fails, ask your mom what types of things she really enjoys. Who knows? You might learn something new! 
What are her guilty pleasures?
Does your mom love a good box of chocolate? Is she crazy about the little pastry shop down the street? Would she love her favorite drama or soap opera on DVD? Today is a day to indulge her guilty pleasures, so spend some time finding out what she loves and incorporate them into her Mother's Day gift!
Would she be happy with a special meal or dinner out with the family?
If you're budget is limited or you're truly at a loss for what to give her, consider hosting a special family dinner or taking her out to her favorite restaurant. 
Is there something she's been wanting to buy but hasn't?
Ask around to find out if there's something she's been dying to have but hasn't brought herself to buy, and the wrap it up in a pretty bow to surprise her on Mother's Day! 
What's her favorite flower?
If all else fails, a big, beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers will certainly put a smile on her face. If you're not sure what her favorite flowers are, ask around! She'll be glad you made the effort!

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