Ask This When Choosing a Jewish Dating Service

Are you a Jewish single who is hoping to meet a special someone either for relaxed, casual dating or perhaps even a committed relationship? If so, then you may be considering joining one of many online Jewish dating services. Online dating has been around for years, and now people of the Jewish faith can use these services to connect with other singles who are on their spiritual levels. Online dating isn't for everyone, but some people are much more confident about meeting other people without all the pressures of being face to face. Many people find healthy dating relationships through online dating sites, and many have even met their future spouses from behind their computer screens. Jewish people who feel strongly about their faith can meet other people knowing they already share common beliefs. Ask the following questions if you're a Jewish single who is considering using an online dating service.

How well known is this Jewish dating site?
Online dating services have been around for a long time, and many special interest groups now have their own virtual dating communities. You're likely to find several sites for Jewish singles. However, make sure to do some research on sites to make sure they've been around for awhile. Check out their Facebook pages, look for them on Twitter and check out their followers. Make sure these sites have real, actual users before signing up with them.
How do people communicate through this Jewish dating site?
Check to see how each online Jewish dating service handles communications between members. Different sites tend to allow for different types of transactions between members who don't yet know each other, and you should make sure you're comfortable with how these communications work.
Is my information on this site secure?
Read the privacy and terms pages of Jewish dating sites to learn more about how each service handles your stored information. Contact customer service reps if you have any questions about potential red flags.
Is this a free Jewish dating site?
Some online dating sites, like OKCupid, are actually free to use. However, most online dating sites require people to subscribe with paid memberships before they're able to do more than just view other people's profiles.
How many people in my area use this Jewish dating site?
Online dating is a bit of a numbers game. The more people you meet online, the more likely you are to uncover a real relationship. This means it's in your best interests to choose an online dating service with lots of like-minded people near you.
Do I need to join a Jewish online dating site?
Don't limit your search for an online dating service to only those billed as services for Jewish singles. The larger online dating sites such as offer filters to find other singles who share your spiritual beliefs, hobbies and more. You should compare the rates and profiles of Jewish dating services as well as the common online dating providers. You might find that one better suits your needs.
How much does this Jewish dating service cost?
Most dating services charge membership fees in order to interact with other members. You can usually sign up for month-to-month usage, or you can get discounted rates by signing up for several months at a time. Consider starting out with just a one-month membership to determine whether the site is a good fit for you.
Am I going into this with the right mindset?
As you dive into online dating, remember that dating is still challenging, and nothing is guaranteed. Don't go into online dating expecting to fall in love with the first person who messages you. Instead, keep a level-headed approach and remember that building meaningful relationships always takes patience.

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