Ask This When Choosing a Basketball Camp for the Summer

Summer basketball camps give young athletes the chance to improve their skills while also making friends and having fun. That said, there are several types of basketball camps to choose from, and understanding why you're considering basketball camp for your child is crucial to choosing the right one. Is your child or teen mostly interested in hanging out and playing pickup games, or is he or she a young athlete who desires more intense offseason training? While some summer basketball camps focus on entertainment, others focus more on building better athletes. Ask the following questions when researching basketball camps to discover which options are in your court.

What is the skill level of this basketball camp?
Many basketball camps offer separate programs and instruction for participants of different skill levels and age groups. However, some camps are definitely more geared toward more talented players or athletes with more basketball experience. Be honest with yourself about your child's skill level when evaluating possible camps.
What kind of medical staff is on hand at this camp?
Basketball is a lot of fun, but players commonly go down with injuries. Most basketball injuries are minor. Rolled ankles, bruised knees and jammed fingers are common. However, there's always the risk for more serious knee and head injuries, too. A basketball camp should have at least a licensed physician or registered nurse on hand at all times, and you can also ask about nearby medical facilities that would handle serious injuries.
How much time does this basketball camp spend doing drills vs. playing games?
Basketball drills aren't as fun or exciting as playing in games, but drills and practice are where most improvements happen. If your goal is for your child to improve as a basketball player, then you'll be interested in camps that spend more time in drills. If your goal is just for your child or teen to have fun while getting exercise, then a camp that focuses less on practice and more on games may be what you're looking for.
What other activities are offered at this basketball camp?
Do you want your child to do more than just play basketball? Some camps dedicate time to other forms of exercise such as running, biking or swimming. Other camps may include social time for watching sports movies and hanging out. Other camps might include weight lifting sessions to teach participants good gym habits.
How does this basketball camp handle possible concussions?
As more people discuss the impact of head injuries among profession athletes, more research has shown that people are most vulnerable to concussions during their childhood years. When choosing a basketball camp, ask about protocols followed for young athletes who take blows to the head, either from falls to the court or inadvertent contact. As a parent, you must feel comfortable that your young athlete's long-term well-being will be in good hands.
Will any celebrities be at this basketball camp?
Many basketball camps feature appearances by local sports celebrities including college and professional players. These special guests can provide memorable and inspirational moments for participants.
Is this a day camp or a summer camp which provides lodging?
Many basketball camps are daytime activities where students return home each night. Other camps are held at college campuses where participants live in dorms for the duration of the camp. Each type of camp offers a very different type of experience.

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